Company Sector: Organic

Product Sector: Cosmetics and itemes of Natural & Bio origin

Country of Origin: Italy

Company Web Site: www.apiarium.it

Exhibition's sector: GREEN & ORGANIC

Hall Number - Stand Number:
21N (F6)

Taking advantage of the best Italian professionals and an artistic management team enamoured with cosmetics and nature, Apiarium invent and produce natural and innovative cosmetics. Our philosophy can be summarized in a few simple points. Today like yesterday: Our origins go back to the 1950’s when everything was simple and there was a direct connection between man and nature. For this reason our products are inspired exactly from those years: a return to simple things that are genuine but at the same time functional and effective. These simple concepts are the base of our work. Organic but not ordinary: Favouring orgtanic ingredients often means producing bland, sad and anonymous products. For us no! Our products are fresh, naturally coloured, rich and fragrant, a joy to one’s eyes as well as all the other senses. No economizing solutions, no useless: substances “to increase volume” In this way we are able to reduce the risk of allergies and increase the effectiveness of our products. We are proud of the ingredients that we use. They are the result of our research, the special attention that we put into every phase of our production, as well as being a really useful reference point for our clientele. No to harmful ingredients: If our skin could choose, which ingredients would it prefer? No silicone, no SLS-SLES, no petroleum based products, no harmful preservatives (we do not use parabens) no derivatives from the butchering of mammals (e.g. gelatin, collagen, placenta etc.) Precious but accessible to everyone: We don’t accept any compromises when it comes to formulating and choosing our ingredients. Quality raw materials, valued Italian labour and the continuous study of our products are our most important investments. We have decided instead to not invest in advertising, famous people’s product endorsements, product placements etc. In this way we can offer excellent products at accessible prices.