Company Sector: Contract manufacturer

Product Sector: Primary & secondary packaging

Country of Origin: Hong Kong

Company Web Site:

Exhibition's sector: COSMOPACK

Hall Number - Stand Number:
15A (A11)

Asquan is a boutique global company that develops, sources, creates, produces & markets turn-key beauty solutions with great passion for prestigious brands & retailers all over the globe. With offices in Hong Kong, USA, Europe, Brazil & Australia we focus on full outstanding customer service and fast-track innovation and on-trend creativity. Thanks to our strategically smart & lean structure, our pricing is very effective and competitive. We have established operations and factories in China, Korea, Europe & USA in order to provide our customers with strategic production capabilities. All of our cutting-edge state-of-the art factories are fully accredited & safe. Our teams are extremely experienced on a global level with a perfect blend of Asian and Western communication, we speak over 9 languages!