Company Sector: Extraordinary Gallery (perfumery and cosmetics)

Product Sector: Cosmetic products for perfumery shops

Country of Origin: Italy

Company Web Site: www.eolieparfums.com

Exhibition's sector: COSMOPRIME - Extraordinary Gallery

Hall Number - Stand Number:
19EG (31)

EOLIEPARFUMS are EXTRAIT DE PARFUMS, with 25% fragrance concentration of fine and certified raw material. The EOLIEPARFUMS olfactory project consists of 10 fragrancies, characterized by the bottle colour code strictly linked to the reference habitats. A scent dedicated to each island, with a name evoking the antiquity of each of them and its connection with the myth, through the scents dedicated to the Winds. The deep love for this Archipelago, the desire to tell the intense sensory experience, the will to catch the fragrances that make each island unique for its specific feature, led Olga Iossa – project creative director– to develop her original idea and realize this project. Thus, Olga Iossa assigned to few prestigious perfumers the ideas to develop, by explaining them the feelings, emotions and passions that each perfume should express according to the island it represents (MELIGUNIS, PHOENICUS, LE SALINE, HIERA’, IKESIA, ERICUSA, LA SCIARA). Two new fragrances were born, which evoke those forces that, since time immemorial, have been breathing on these seven wonders: the winds (VENTUS, ZEPHYRUS). The tenth fragrance ABRAXAS (Aeolus’horse name).). A project enhanced by the contribution of two Aeolian artists, a writer and a sculptress/painter, who dedicated a story and a picture to this perfume, which are contained in a special box. The distribution criterion is selective and exclusive to the area. The fragrance body lotions combined to the perfumes were launched too.