Aquafolia cosmoprof worldwide bologna

Brand or Product Sector: Green/Organic

Product Sector: Cosmetics and itemes of Natural & Bio origin

Country of Origin: Canada

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Exhibition's sector: COSMOPRIME - Premium Perfumery

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19PC (K12)

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Aquafolia cosmoprof worldwide bologna Aquafolia is dedicated to the sublimation of the skin, which is a mirror of overall health. AQUAFOLIA conjugates the pure energy of nature with the power of science. Aquafolia’s creation was motivated by the fight against the visible signs of aging and skin problems. Therefore, it is with indefectible scientific attention to detail and a keen desire to command well-being that its team of researchers began the initiative upon which it is presently working tirelessly. Its maxim: to comply with the most demanding standards for quality while producing visible results which, in turn, nurture inner beauty. Constantly on the lookout for new ingredients and technologies, Aquafolia carefully reviews new therapeutic approaches and the synergy that exists between the ingredients in a formula. Nothing is left to chance. For this reason, our formulas redefine the concept of performance and help to create products that are unique from every perspective. At the heart of its creation the study of Cosmeceutical Biotechnology of Natural Origin. AQUAFOLIA products have an undeniable advantage over others. Why? Because our formulas generate visible results that take into consideration the laws of skin absorption. Intelligent, top-performing formulas that respect the skin’s integrity. Aquafolia offers effective care adapted to your skin condition – care that produces real, long-term results.