Company Sector: Hair salon

Product Sector: Equipments for hair stylists

Country of Origin: Poland

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Exhibition's sector: PROFESSIONAL HAIR

Hall Number - Stand Number:
34 (O14)

pen RAZOR by Magia – innovative razor, so called “sharp pen”, using disposable blades, ideal for precise outlining of face hair, hairstyling, or creating complex hair tattoos. Using pen RAZOR is like painting – with extra thin blade it’s possible to make smooth and precise moves and shape hair in any imaginable way – just like drawing with a pen on a piece of paper. pen RAZOR is made of high quality stainless steel, it’s durable and resistant and can be sanitized both with harsh liquid sanitizers and autoclaves. Remember that pen RAZOR is so durable that it lasts a lifetime – you just have to buy additional blades! It is impossible to breake or destroy the tool using human-hand strength! The pen RAZOR tool is legal for cosmetologists in USA. “pen RAZOR by Magia” is a patented product. “pen RAZOR” is registered trademark of F.H.U. Magia