COEUR DE CIGALE cosmoprof worldwide bologna

Brand or Product Sector: Green/Organic

Product Sector: Cosmetics and itemes of Natural & Bio origin

Country of Origin: France

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Exhibition's sector: GREEN & ORGANIC

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21N (B1)

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COEUR DE CIGALE cosmoprof worldwide bologna CŒUR DE CIGALE was born near Aix-en-Provence, at the foot of the famous Sainte Victoire mountain. Nathalie LORECKI, its founder and doctor in pharmacy, was inspired by the provençal traditions and landscape. What is more logical, than using what nature offers us to take care of the skin, and then transforming a delicious local sweet, the Calisson of Aix, into a cosmetic? From this, CŒUR DE CIGALE derives its philosophy. Authentic natural skin care products from Provence, which combine pleasure with effectiveness, tolerance and user-friendliness. Designed respecting the specifications of the brand « Authentic Provence », which guarantees Provençal quality, this brand is a real player in the local economy, favoring local trade in every step of its production line. A true reason for being ! CŒUR DE CIGALE proposes natural products designed with numerous organic ingredients, and guaranteed without chemical components, endocrine or allergic disruptors. CŒUR DE CIGALE has won the award « Victoire de la Beauté 2015-2016 » for its sumptuous body lotion. The award was given by a consumer’s jury after having blind tested the product and having judged its efficiency, its texture and its scent. A beautiful recognition of our expertises… CŒUR DE CIGALE derives its originality, from the base of its innovative range of products, which combine active ingredients from the Calisson, a traditional French sweet, consisting of a smooth paste of candied fruit and almonds. Organic sweet almond, organic provençal honey, melon, organic orange, organic orange blossom and bitter almond, are all ingredients with hydrating, soothing and regenerating properties, complete with anti-oxidants for the skin. Made complete with a 100% natural Calisson fragrance, developed by a perfumer from the area of Grasse, this sweet and fruity range calls the senses to relax. One is easily transported to Provence, just close your eyes and listen to the cicadas sing…