PULPE DE VIE cosmoprof worldwide bologna

Brand or Product Sector: Be Organic (certified organic)

Product Sector: Cosmetic products for perfumery shops

Country of Origin: France

Brand or product web site: www.pulpedevie.com

Exhibition's sector: GREEN & ORGANIC

Hall Number - Stand Number:
21N (B1)

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PULPE DE VIE cosmoprof worldwide bologna PULPE DE VIE is located at the heart of the « Panier », one of the oldest district of MARSEILLE. It’s under the sun of Provence that is created natural and certified organic skincare (Ecocert and Cosmebio) made of fresh fruits from local producers. PULPE DE VIE’s beauty commitment is to offer quality skincare that exude happiness thanks to healthy, yummy and sparkling cosmetics. The brand is engaged in an ethical and environmental approach. This is the only brand that buys its organic fruits and vegetables directly from French producers to ensure its ingredient freshness. They are picked and then transformed in a little factory of the South Alps where they become good oils and water fruits. Why skincare made from fruits? Natural ingredients supercharged with vitamins and minerals, fruits are powerful natural antioxidants. They offer a lot of benefits to the organism but also the skin. PULPE DE VIE has selected and combined the best organic fruits to create unique skincare formulas for all skins, even the most sensitives. To this fruit expertise are combined patented actives with proven efficacy (Hyaluronic acid, Propolis or seaweed extracts…), everything paraben free, essential oil free, with no toxic agent at all, vegan and of course not tested on animals! The assortment is made of 15 products, from 2-in-1 handy and fun skincare, to targeted skincare that offer a detox, an anti-ageing or a yummy moisturizing effect, or very innovative skincare like the youngest of the brand, a facial mist serum that moisturizes and tones up. PULPE DE VIE, an anti-bad mood brand that doesn’t take herself seriously, that doesn’t talk about cosmetic that mimic surgery, but only simple things: effectiveness, pleasure, emotions and sensations!