SENS EN PROVENCE cosmoprof worldwide bologna

Brand or Product Sector: Green/Organic

Product Sector: Cosmetics and itemes of Natural & Bio origin

Country of Origin: France

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Exhibition's sector: GREEN & ORGANIC

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21N (B1)

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SENS EN PROVENCE cosmoprof worldwide bologna The birth of the brand Sens en Provence …… Native of Saint-Tropez, deeply anchored roots of Provence in her heart, Valérie Rousselle acquired Château Roubine – Cru classé in 1994, This unique place, with a rare beauty and a prestigious elegance is a treasure in the heart of the Var. Rich of 13 grape varieties, the vineyard crossed by the so-called “Julienne” roman road presents a natural circus surrounded by pines and oaks in scrubland. Since 2600 years, this terror is full of natural richness: Olive Oil, Lavender, Honey, and plant vegetation… an idea was born to associate the virtues of the vine and those of the Mediterranean region. Thanks to the experience of her friend Cécile Destaing, Doctor of Pharmacy, whose laboratory is in Grasse, the brand “Sens en Provence” sees the day, after 7 years of research. Nature at the service of beauty….. Inspired by the essence of the Mediterranean flora, our products draw on the natural plant extracts directly from the bio-diversity of the vineyard Cru Classé de Château Roubine. Experts in Ampelography (science of the vine) for more than 20 years, we wished to deepen our research to understand the biological processes of man, like botany, and to respond using simply the nature.