Company Sector: Extraordinary Gallery (perfumery and cosmetics)

Product Sector: Cosmetic products for perfumery shops

Country of Origin: Norway

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Exhibition's sector: COSMOPRIME - Extraordinary Gallery

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«Lykke by Julie» products were created to solve a skin condition. Now Julie produce her own facial and skin oils that are full of natural ingredients. The natural mixtures feels good on the skin and the knowledge that all the ingredients are natural, also feels good to your soul. The recipees are carefully combined with local wild plants and berries, from the Norwegian mountains that can withstand harsh weather, with the best of fine herbs and plants from the rest of our planet – to obtain necessary nutrients for the skin. At Lykke by Julie, we believe that when you seek nature as the source of your beauty, your own natural beauty will be reflected back to you. Our aim is not to make you younger or wrinkle-free by using our products, but your skin will obtain a fresh glow – while delivering the nutrients that will restore and maintain your skin’s correct state of good health. Lykke means happiness in Norwegian «Happiness is natural!»