PAUSE cosmoprof worldwide bologna

Brand or Product Sector: Cosmetics & Toiletries

Product Sector: Cosmetic products for perfumery shops

Country of Origin: Poland

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Exhibition's sector: COSMETICS & TOILETRIES

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26 (B96)

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PAUSE cosmoprof worldwide bologna PRACTISE THE PAUSE. The PAUSE line of cosmetics embodies love for the feminine beauty, regardless of age. It was created for women prospering in the modern world, constantly on the run, living with a purpose - women just like you. Stop for a moment and feel the power of its active ingredients. Feel the immediate effect inspired by professional beauty treatments. Endow your skin with a gift of harmony and balance - a moment to fully relax. You live on the go, always in the thick of things. You don't want to stand still. You face challenges head on. So you need your skin to be adequately protected. You can't turn back time, but you can stop the visible signs of ageing. Each of us dreams of being able to stop the ageing process in which our skin loses its resilience and elasticity. The PAUSE line of cosmetics responds to the most vital needs of today's women - it instantly moisturises, stimulates and regenerates your skin. A precisely developed formula, integrating natural vegetable oils with the latest technology brings you the ZAFFIRO EFFECT that comes from non-invasive thermo-lifting that improves the firmness and condition of your skin. Active ingredients matching the needs of a woman of any age stimulate elasticity and regenerate collagen fibres, firming and smoothing your skin from the inside out.