Company Sector: Contract manufacturer

Product Sector: Primary & secondary packaging

Country of Origin: China

Company Web Site:

Exhibition's sector: PROFESSIONAL HAIR

Hall Number - Stand Number:
34 (H7)

ARTPRO COSMETICS have been providing expertly design cosmetics with acquisite colors & uncompromised quality at competitive prices for years in Ningbo, China. We specialize in cosmetic formulating, filling and distribution of cosmetics . We cater to our customers' offering a wide range of beauty products that creats immediate excitement at retail world wide. Our diligent & unwavering commitment to our private labeling clients has made it possible to expand our contract manufacturing business to USA and European countries. We are familiar with United States' FDA and CFTA regulations and also with EEC standards. ARTPRO COSMETICS high-tech laboratory and advanced production line assure our quaality and safety of our products, our R & D deparmtment assures continual innovation in formulations, design &colors, our team of experienced professionals ensures strict quality control system. ARTPRO COSMETICS exemplifies the best combination of art, science and competitive pricing.

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