Company Sector: Spa

Product Sector: Professional cosmetic products for beauty salons

Country of Origin: China

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Exhibition's sector: PROFESSIONAL HAIR

Hall Number - Stand Number:
34 (J14)

BIOMASER is the trade marker of ADShi ,which have been in producing permanent makeup device for international OEM market more than 15years, We have accumulated a wealth of product development, production experience. Products through a number of major brands tested, has a very good reputation. BIOMASER products are rigorously tested to ensure that our products not only have the best quality, but also the most secure products. With our experience and the extensive Research and Development in the field of permanent makeup and micro-pigmentation, BIOMASER launched a series of products which have amazing and accurate results in aesthetic improvement and repair, we are creating the best of what permanent make up has to offer today; a complete system with unchanging color pigments, pigment selection specific for each skin type, latest technology and training from a leading permanent make up artist Biomaser Permanent Makeup Pigments are the best organic pigments on the market today. 100% essence of pure plant extracts and do not contain iron oxide or alcohol that can change the pigment color. The Biomaser device is designed to work synergistically with the Biomaser pigments. A special transmission design, with the professional cartridge needles, to ensure the needles a smooth move, no swing, ensure every line slim straight, agile nature. Helps to deliver the pigments efficiently into the skin with minimal damage or trauma. Biomaser device causes minimal discomfort, minimal to no bleeding, minimal down time and fast healing.