Company Sector: Hair salon

Product Sector: Professional cosmetics for hair stylists

Country of Origin: Sweden

Company Web Site: www.pusher.se

Exhibition's sector: PROFESSIONAL HAIR

Hall Number - Stand Number:
35 (C46)

Pusher started as an outcast rebel in the hair fashion industry with a product named O.D. Wax. It won several awards for its looks and unique formula and it rolled on breaking new grounds with a hardcore twist. Half a decade later Pusher decided to shift gears and a better High-End brand was presented. New products was developed and during the process we managed to develop The World´s most exclusive wax jar for the new O.D. Wax ! As a result to this , we created an unique refill system for the dedicated. 2016 it was time again , then we managed to make The World´s first hair wax in the ”Original Swedish Snusdosa” with our Pocket Size 42g packaging . Pusher works with an unique way of thinking and we pretty much do whatever we want . We make high quality products with a little twist , which makes us stand out amongst others .