Company Sector: Premium Perfumery (perfumery and cosmetics)

Product Sector: Cosmetic products for perfumery shops

Country of Origin: Spain

Company Web Site:

Exhibition's sector: COSMETICS & TOILETRIES

Hall Number - Stand Number:
22 (A27-B28)

We are an organization that pretends to fill all the needs in the cosmetic market by creating some cosmetic brands that complement each other. Our philosophy is based in doing all the things that other brands are not doing. We were founded in 2015. Now we are owners and handle more than 7 brands related to the beauty world. Some of this brands already got the recognition they deserve and others are waiting impaciently for their birth. Now we have a portfolio of more than 200 products ready to conquer the cosmetic world. We enjoy having a very good team. And it’s growing. Most of us are doing things we had never done before and we became experts getting through it.