Company Sector: Extraordinary Gallery (perfumery and cosmetics)

Product Sector: Gift and travel items, promotional and personal care accessories

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Company Web Site: www.tancream.co.uk

Exhibition's sector: COSMOPRIME - Extraordinary Gallery

Hall Number - Stand Number:
19EG (28)

Discover the world’s first premium hydrating self tan sun cream with SPF50 and five star UVA sun protection. Created by two best friends, Gillian and Katy, Tancream was the silver lining after Gillian was treated for skin cancer in 2013. Rather than using several beauty products in the morning, Gillian tried to find one which would both tan and provide sun protection, it didn’t exist... until now! This multi-award winning 100ml luxury skincare lotion looks after your face and body, so you can leave the house knowing you’re covered from the damaging sun rays all day long. Not only that, but this age-prevention cream acts as an instant bronzer and gradual self tan, delivering a beautiful healthy enviable golden glow. Give your skin what it deserves and protect and pamper it with this all in one innovative cream which celebs and beauty experts are worshipping! "Tancream is ingenious" Alan Pan Make up Artist Estée Lauder Are you ready to shake up your daily beauty routine? See what all the fuss is about - Join #TancreamWorld Today!