Company Sector: Beauty salons

Product Sector: Professional cosmetic products for beauty salons

Country of Origin: France

Company Web Site: www.vegetalement.com

Exhibition's sector: COSMOPRIME - Extraordinary Gallery

Hall Number - Stand Number:
19GG (6)

Global beauty house, Végétalement Provence is anchored in a superorganic world. Born with demanding beauty professionals because they are the first population affected by diseases due to their work environment like eczema, allergies, and asthma, VP is also a must-have for knowledgeable personalities, and all those who want to combine health, beauty, well-being and performance. Its creations, far from being simple shampoos that make bubbles, express an unequalled expertise in green chemistry. Innovation and sustainable development are two cornerstones of the house based in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. VP draws its values from the Provence wherre it is rooted: generosity, light, color, and plants rich in therapeutic assets and aromas. With Végétalement Provence, discover the world of alternative premium beauty.