Company Sector: Beauty salons

Product Sector: Professional cosmetic products for beauty salons

Country of Origin: Israel

Company Web Site: biopeptix.com

Exhibition's sector: COSMETICS & TOILETRIES

Hall Number - Stand Number:
14 (A8)

The Biopeptix brand was conceived in 2008 by Mrs. Orli Borger, formerly an intensive care nurse and currently a cosmetician, to respond to two key needs: 1.The first was to create a professional line of products incorporating a breakthrough technology together with plant extracts and unique active ingredients to treat a wide range of skin problems. 2.Biopeptix was also founded as a professional line of products that is not sold on the Internet, thereby leaving the therapeutic process with skin care practitioners and doctors with the knowledge to tailor to the client the most effective combination of products to obtain the best possible results “Evidence – based skin care” is what our product line is all about. Our formulas are based solely on active ingredients whose efficacy has been proven beyond a doubt as to their ability to balance the skin’s needs, as well as to prevent and repair akin problems. In our quest for innovations, uniqueness and creativity, we did not compromise on quality, efficacy and safety. We also placed strong emphasis on environmental quality (no environmentally toxic compounds are used in our preparations) and non – exploitation of animals (our products contain no animal ingredients and are not dermatologically tested on animals). What we envisioned in creating this line of products is to provide the esthetician with exciting and effective new tools that are a cross between science and creativity.