Company Sector: Packaging

Product Sector: Primary & secondary packaging

Country of Origin: France

Company Web Site: WWW.PYLOTE.COM

Exhibition's sector: COSMOPACK

Hall Number - Stand Number:
15A (A2-B1D)

Founded in 2009, Pylote is committed to green industrial chemistry in the mineral and ceramic chemical sector. Through the range of its efficient PYCLEARTM solutions, Pylote conceives and develops innovative mineral microspheres to sell solutions which can be integrated into numerous products without any change to the existing manufacturing process. The main purpose of these solutions is to propose end-consumers with more eco-friendly products, that are greener, cleaner and safer. With its PyclearTM Protection technology, Pylote brings its breakthrough innovation that protects cosmetic products from the risk of external microbial contamination, but also to secure & simplify supply chain operations & components. The “Pylote Added” new solutions bring real competitive advantages in terms of time to market, life cycle management and products safety for the consumers.