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Friday, 16 March 2018 3:30 - 4:15 p.m.


Predicting the next innovation that will forever change the retail landscape from the experience of TOP worldwide retailers, media  innovative start ups: the panel discussion will analyze the next disruptors with sights on the market. The speakers will  explore a variety of emerging technology including 3D printing, artificial intelligence, driverless transportation, robotics, wearable technology and virtual reality.
Panelists will discuss about the interaction between physical shops and virtual online:  retailers are  going through an accelerated metamorphosis. To connect with the new consumers, retailers are becoming destinations where the products can be tested at  360°.




Jenny B. FINE
Executive Editor, Beauty


Dongeun SHIN
Team Leader / Merchandise Team
LOTTE H&B Business (LOHB`s)

Andrey GOLUB


Jenny B. FINE, Executive Editor, Beauty, WWD

Jenny B. Fine was named executive editor of beauty at WWD in October, 2017. She has been Editor-in-Chief of Beauty Inc, a sister publication of Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), since November 2001. Prior to joining Beauty Inc, Jenny was Editor of, where she was responsible for overseeing its launch and editorial content. She was previously director of’s Beauty Channel and beauty director at SELF. She began her career in magazine publishing at Fairchild, where she served as senior associate editor of Salon News and beauty news editor of Women’s Wear.  A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Ms. Fine received a B.A. in art history and an M.A. in journalism from New York University.

Dongeun SHIN, Team Leader / Merchandise Team, LOTTE H&B Business(LOHB`s)

Over 19 years of branding and platform Dongeun Shin is team lead of Merchandise for LOTTE H&N BUSINESS(LOHBS). She heads the branding marketing and merchandising functions. Dongeun is responsible for brand ownership from providing the vision and go-to-market strategies to measuring the implementation and sales outcome. By refreshing the health diet branding, the beauty group’s sales were 70% better than previous year. Prior to LOHBS, Dongeun was a director of CJ O Shopping where she successfully oversaw and developed a new cosmetic line called ‘REPERE’, which was industry’s first cosmetic made with caviar. She was also created a new brand ‘Kenzo Takada’ nail sticker by cooperating with Takada Kenzo and amplified the nail cosmetic industry. Prior to CJ O Shopping, Dongeun was a CMO(Chief marketing officer) of Charmzone where she introduced the industry’s first bus advertising campaign and directed the redesign of the company marketing strategies to help Charmzone meet its strategic goals and fortify the brand image.

Dongeun holds a BA in history from HONG-IK University and MA in marketing management from SOOKMYUNG University.

Andrey GOLUB, Founder and CEO, ELSE CORP

A Business Transformation, Technology Innovation and R&D expert, now entrepreneur/ startupper (in the past a strategy & technology consultant), specialized in the design, development and launch of INNOVATIVE SMART PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.

I'm experienced in the most phases of the design and development of a new product/ service, from Market Research, Business Model Definition, Algorithms Design, Methods/ Processes Patenting, Software Fast-Prototyping, e-Business Strategy Definition, Technology Transfer, Strategic Marketing, People and Processes coordination, building and executing of a competitive strategy for the target market.

As Startup Entrepreneur, my best expertise and main focus now is concentrated in the Luxury Fashion Retail and Mass Customization, towards Luxury 3.0 philosophy, and at this moment my best professional and business challenge is ELSE Corp (, Virtual Retail and the Real Time Fashion System ( which is a new business model and a set of technologies and processes for "virtualization" (3D simulations) of the whole retail chain, for ON DEMAND, PERSONALIZED/ CUSTOMIZED and MADE TO MEASURE fashion, towards SUSTAINABLE & HYBRID MANUFACTURING models.


Cindy DiPrima is a Co Founder and the Chief Creative Officer at CAP Beauty. Prior to founding CAP, she worked as a prop and interiors stylist, creating the images we see in magazines, billboards and books. She’s contributed to countless magazines including Harper’s Bazaar, Town and Country, Domino, GQ, Bon Appetit and The New York Times. And her advertising clients include Michael Kors, Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire, Nike and Microsoft. Equally at home in a castle or on a commune, she is a mixer of styles and a seeker of beauty in the most common and uncommon of places, a sensibility perfectly suited to CAP Beauty’s stylish and lifestyle-ish approach to natural beauty. Before setting out as a freelance stylist, DiPrima worked briefly as an art director for television and film and then served as Senior Style Editor at Martha Stewart Living. She graduated magna cum laude with a BA in philosophy from Cornell University. In 2014, DiPrima launched CAP Beauty with her friend and colleague, Kerrilynn Pamer. Their mission was simple: to spread the power of naturals to as many people as possible. They created impossibly strict standards, no synthetic ingredients whatsoever, and knew that if they built an inspiring home for these deeply healing, transformative products, a sophisticated and influential clientele would discover their magic. They also knew that beauty begins within and so from its inception, CAP Beauty included foods and ingestibles in its beauty product lineup. CAP Beauty is known as the first retailer to champion this important and burgeoning category. CAP promotes the lifestyle of natural beauty and is a source of education and information on all aspects of living well from rituals and recipes to skincare, self care and fitness. On April 3, DiPrima and Pamer will release their first book, High Vibrational Beauty: Recipes and Rituals for Radical Self Care.