From 4 to 10 June WeCosmoprof presented the largest program of webinars for the beauty industry.
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«Green Made in France»: why is it good for you?

Organized by: Business France

France is engaged in the green beauty movement. Join Business France and beauty industry experts including L’Oréal and Estee Lauder, the French Federation of Beauty Companies, and an Italian influencer for this virtual conversation. French companies have proved to be extremely innovative in the matter protecting both the planet and its users. Targeting the French market or partnering with French brands has always been key to success: this is what we will discuss here.

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Modern fungal nail treatment method in German podiatry

Organized by: Ocean Pharma GmbH

Spirularin® Nail Serum with the patented microalgae ingredient Spiralin® is an highly effective treatment method for fungal nail removal and regeneration in podiatry practice according to the popular expert compendium “The Big Book of Nail Diseases”, a well-known book for podiatry students and practitioners which has been published in German, English, Korean, Czech, Russian and Japanese.

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Lifetime traceability for cosmetics products

Organized by: Antares Vision

The new generation of consumers is increasingly conscious about safety, ethics and sustainability of cosmetic products. How can we guarantee a new standard of quality and integrity, fight counterfeits and protect brand reputation? We will take a journey through the latest market challenges, then explore a world of non-destructive controls on products and packaging, and digital technologies for transparency and interconnection in the supply chain, introducing the era of the smart product.

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The perfect daily Skincare Routine

Organized by: Bioline Jatò

Bioline Jatò has worked alongside aestheticians for more than forty years, providing constant support in enhancing the beauty of their clients, with the utmost care and professionalism. And is there, even now, with the same sensitivity as always, but with new advice to share with all those who consider taking care of themselves an important act. Our International trainer, Giorgia Rapali, will share all the steps for the perfect skincare routine for a beautiful and visibly healthy face.

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Cosmax Korea unveils the ultimate trends in makeup and skincare

Organized by: Cosmax Korea

COSMAX R&I Center challenges uncharted areas to create and execute new ideas that break conventions and set trends. Beauty Technology is the core value of COSMAX, a research and technology company that pioneers the global cosmetics market with innovation through convergence. We would like to present our beauty technologies for each field of skincare, sun care, color cosmetics, materials, and aromatics. COSMAX uses technology to produce the cosmetics that satisfy the consumer needs as well as sensibilities of the health and beauty of their skin.

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Borderline products in the EU market: hand cleansers or hand sanitizers?

Organized by: Cosmeservice

Sometimes it may be unclear whether a particular product is a cosmetic product or whether it falls under other EU frameworks. This is the case of hand cleaners and hand sanitizers. Its use has increased dramatically in the last months and many companies want to respond to the additional needs. This talk will give you tips to facilitate the application of EU legislation in these cases and how to be placed on the market successfully.

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Toly Passionate About Packaging Building On Beauty: Covid And The New Era

Organized by: Toly Products

Andy Gatesy, Chairman and CEO of Toly Products discusses the implications of COVID-19 on the industry, effects on what were considered normal habits and practices, and how the industry is changing and adapting. Toly is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, and Mr Gatesy explains how the company has evolved and grew along the years.

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Dermalogica, science and nature for the aesthetics

Organized by: Dermalogica

*This webinar is held in Italian only

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The World need fixing

Organized by: Davines

International Educator Brian Suhr interviews Davines Founder Davide Bollati about interdependence, climate change and the need to have more women in power.

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The new life in hair salons

Organized by: Martom

* This webinar is held in Italian only

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