11 giugno
Dalle 12:30 alle 14:00

Cosmoprof Arena, Centro Servizi


By embracing a Circular Economy and reducing our dependence on finite products, we are tackling many of the problems our world faces at their root. It shifts our economy towards a more virtuous cycle, limiting the waste generated and creating jobs and wealth - an estimated 1.8 trillion euros by 2030 in Europe alone. In the cosmetic industry, circular economy is a growing trend driven by consumers calling for accountability. It requires creativity from the beauty industry as brands need to reinvent the take-make-waste system: how they design their products, how they manage their resources, how they conduct their manufacturing process, and what they do with their materials afterwards. Some companies have already started that shift - which received the Cradle to Cradle certification for some of its products, or the recent SPICE alliance bringing together organizations such as L’Oréal, Albéa and Chanel to rethink the packaging industry. Sustainability is no longer a choice!  


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