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Over the next 10 years, the perfume industry will undergo major transformations, driven in particular by the affirmation, or even the birth, of new regional markets of unknown dimensions and culturally distant from historical markets. While for 150 years, manufacturers and perfume designers were intimately linked to their customers, whose practices and vision of the world they shared, the internationalization of markets caused both the fragmentation of decision-making - and creative - centres and the need to adapt to new cultural codes and consumption patterns at the opposite ends of the 20th century Western perfumery.  The size of markets, when China has 1.5 billion inhabitants and India 1.4 billion, alternative distribution methods (door-to-door sales in Brazil) and the impact of new technologies on promotion, discovery and sales are all challenges that require perfume designers and brands to be highly agile and able to adjust supply to demand at ever-increasing rates. From Asia to LATAM: who are these new consumers, and how will markets meet their expectations and meet them? What tools will be available to perfume designers? What impact can we expect on the distribution modes, physical and digital? At the same time, we will see the emergence of local brands, capable of developing their own vision, a truly vernacular perfumery, between the syncretism of the codes of Western perfumery and local olfactory culture and the affirmation of completely innovative identities and practices. So how much will Western markets themselves be influenced by these new entrants? How long will countries like France, the United States or Italy keep this aura of luxury that is likely to seduce Asian or South American consumers? Will not the new markets, which are places of exploration at the beginning of the 21st century, become reference markets capable of imposing their olfactory codes and consumption patterns on the rest of the world?


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