WeCosmoprof ha ospitato “CosmoTalks-The Virtual Series”, all’interno del primo programma di webinar firmato da Cosmoprof. Alcune delle più importanti personalità del mondo beauty hanno condiviso conoscenze, esperienze e consigli per ripensare l'industria con una visione a lungo termine e per superare l'emergenza globale che stiamo vivendo.


La pandemia di COVID-19 ha cambiato le carte in tavola in un settore già in grande evoluzione come quello dell'industria beauty. Cosa ci aspetta?

WeCosmoprof ha unito editori, top thinker, leader di aziende Fortune 500, policymaker, personalità accademiche e imprenditori illuminati per condividere esperienze e intuizioni rispetto al futuro del settore. 30 preziosi incontri che ci hanno fornito una nuova prospettiva e ci hanno aiutato a prepararci ad affrontare nuovi scenari.

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Embracing a New Era: Resetting Industry Fundamentals

In partnership with: BEAUTYSTREAMS

BEAUTYSTREAMS presents their insights on this disruptive shift in consumer lifestyle and mindset, and forecasts ways for the beauty industry to evolve towards a more sustainable, ethical, and prosperous future.

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Online Marketplaces Opportunities post-COVID 19

In partnership with: Wabel

Covid 19 changed overnight many purchasing behaviors. Online shopping was one of the big winners, although not on all categories. How can beauty brands and suppliers successfully turn to online marketplaces to offset a potential footfall reduction in traditional retail, while improving their brand equity and preparing for an omnichannel retail world?

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Startup, Corporate Collaboration 

In partnership with: Founders Factory

Hear from Isabela Chick, Managing Director of the Retail and Beauty sectors at Founders Factory discussing how beauty companies can work with startups to transform their business and experience.

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The Touchless Revolution in Beauty. Digital Strategies Beauty Brands Should Implement Now to Combat the Effects of Social Distancing

In partnership with: Living in Digital Times

Insight into the new "touchless" and "contactless" beauty journey and how brands can create interactive digital experiences to stay connected with their consumers.

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Born in a pandemic – How and why some beauty brands are innovating in the face of COVID-19

In partnership with:

Beauty has been hit especially hard by the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. As an industry intrinsically linked to image and identity, the seismic shift of social contact ceasing and health and economic worries taking precedent, beauty sales have largely struggled. Though some areas like self-care and hygiene are flourishing, the rest of beauty has been forced to reassess how it can remain relevant in today’s crisis. For many, product launches have been paused and supply shortages and consumer engagement prioritised. But, for others, product development plans continue as they prepare to be born in a pandemic.

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How the COVID-19 is accelerating the expectations of Chinese consumers in brand narrative

In partnership with: Creative Capital China / Altavia

In a post COVID world consumers all around the world will want ever more customisation and genuinity. In this talk we look at China and discuss what brands did in the past to engage with Chinese consumers, as well as expressing a Chinese story telling approach.

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Beauty in light of COVID-19: mapping opportunities amidst adversity

In partnership with: Euromonitor International

While beauty will not come out unscathed from the expected global pandemic-linked recession, there could be some positive prospects to explore in terms of positioning, product formats and engagement through virtual experiences. A shift to local brands, boost in masstige offerings, DIY beauty and further health alignment, as well as wellness-centred brand messaging will be observed. As necessity takes priority over luxury, brand differentiation and loyalty will resurface as a challenge, so stories of purpose, emotional engagement and new relevance would be a key lifeline.

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Coping with COVID-19: Beauty consumers' response to the pandemic and its aftermath

In partnership with: Mintel

COVID-19 has turned the beauty world upside down and brands and manufacturers are trying to navigate their way through a dramatically shifting marketplace. Mintel shares the results from its new COVID-19 consumer trackers in major beauty markets, uncovering consumers' responses over time to the emotional and practical challenges of the pandemic and highlighting how these responses are reflected in their beauty behaviours.

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Circularity: balancing Beauty and Sustainability

In partnership with: Sparknews

In the cosmetic industry, circular economy is a growing trend driven by consumers calling for accountability. It requires creativity from the beauty industry as brands need to reinvent the take-make-waste system. Some companies have already started that shift - which received the Cradle to Cradle certification for some of its products, or the recent SPICE alliance bringing together organizations such as L’Oréal, Albéa and Chanel to rethink the packaging industry. Sustainability is no longer a choice!

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Can touchless and safe beauty be green and sustainable?

In partnership with: PREMIUMBEAUTYNEWS.COM

Two apparently opposite challenges that the industry will face in the coming months and years. How the beauty industry is fast adapting to consumers' needs for safety. How to serve a touchless beauty, for safe contact with beauty products while maintaining a sustainable approach. A presentation of beauty innovations.

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The new normal towards a new beauty industry post Corona

In partnership with: Curiosity Group

In this webinar, the speakers introduce their vision on success during the time we enter now: "the New Normal". Discover how your brand will contribute to a world that is healthier and safer than before, and how you ensure that your customers will recognize your efforts, and reward your brand for it.

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Before and After: COVID-19 and the U.S. Prestige Beauty Industry

In partnership with: Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and The NPD Group

The response to COVID-19 created a new social and economic normal. The U.S. Prestige Beauty industry has changed as a result. What were the U.S. consumer trends before the pandemic, and what are their priorities today? What will their preferences be in the future? Join us for a conversation highlighting The NPD Group’s latest sales results and insights plus future-focused research from the FIT CFMM Masters’ Program to better understand your opportunities in this new normal.

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What Does COVID-19 mean for the Spa Industry?

In partnership with: AsiaSpa

As with travel and other service sectors, the spa industry has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. An industry leader discusses the immediate impact as well as the changes being implemented in response to new hygiene standards and social-distancing measures. As spas in Asia begin to reopen, we look at how client habits are expected to change and how spas plan to adapt in response.

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Restarting offline – let’s get physical

In partnership with: BW Confidential

Successfully re-starting physical retail is therefore key to the beauty sector’s recovery. This webinar explores creative strategies for getting brick-and-mortar back to growth: it is a must-attend for anyone interested in how physical retail will evolve, the opportunities for brick-and-mortar stores or for those looking for inspiration when it comes to better selling beauty in the real world.

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Essential Skincare, Foundation and Makeup digital solutions for the post-COVID-19 world

In partnership with: Living in Digital Times

An in-depth look at the significance and practical applicability of beauty AI/AR technology for brands and retailers. Proven ways to retain continual digital engagement and provide a unique beauty experience.

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State of Influencer Marketing 2020: Today and Tomorrow

In partnership with: Launchmetrics

The recent pandemic has drastically disrupted the way brands are communicating with their consumers. Social media, in particular, has played a significant role in keeping the global population connected and offline brands are beginning to slowly recognize the importance of embracing digital channels. Throughout this session, Launchmetrics’ VP of Digital Marketing, Gina Gulberti, shares insights on effective influencer campaigns, trends in the communication shifts as well as future predictions.

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How is Indian beauty industry weathering the COVID challenge?

In partnership with: StyleSpeak

Flourishing at 15-20% p.a., the 12.5bn USD Indian beauty industry has a very bright future and is pegged to grow to a size of 20bn USD by 2025. How is this thriving market affected by the COVID-19? What are the challenges brought upon by the global impact of the Coronavirus? How will new consumer priorities change beauty retail and salon/spa services? CEO’s of the beauty industry reveals what the industry needs to do to spur growth in this scenario.

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The Cosmotrends Report: Bologna 2020

In partnership with: BEAUTYSTREAMS

Each year, Cosmoprof presents its official CosmoTrends Report to highlight directional products from exhibitors, serving as an iconic roadmap. This has been a pivotal tool for show attendees. In light of the current crisis and postponement of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, it’s even more essential for companies to have a showcase for their innovations. Join BEAUTYSTREAMS for an online presentation of the 2020 CosmoTrends Report.

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Beauty Shifts: From Culture to Product

In partnership with: Fashion Snoops

In this seminar, Fashion Snoops focuses on the shifts occurring within the beauty industry, and explains how various cultural movements have impacted the evolution of these shifts. What ends up on market shelves is the result of changing cultural norms, which reflects Fashion Snoops' method of crafting trends from a macro to micro level. The seminar covers trend shifts within all facets of the beauty industry, ranging from skincare, makeup, hair, ingredients, packaging, etc.

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Post Pandemic beauty: Why safe beauty is the new clean beauty

In partnership with: WGSN

Consumers will care more about what you put in your products than ever before so being able to offer them complete confidence in the safety of your ingredients will be paramount. Antibacterial, antiviral and immunity-boosting actives will boom as consumers seek out products that preserve their own personal safety, and hygiene will become the most important aspect of any beauty product.

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Decoding “guochao” in beauty: using Chinese traditional style and culture to create branded content experiences relevant for Chinese consumers

In partnership with: Creative Capital China / Altavia

This Covid19 crisis has been an accelerator of the “proud of me” trend in China and further busted the collective sense of national pride, particularly among young consumers. Therefore, global brands, in order to successfully compete, need to be aware of how local players resonate with consumers at emotional and cultural level leveraging on this “buy Chinese” trend. Understanding and leveraging local cultural codes can help international brands to localize their content in order to cope with local consumers stronger interest into China’s cultural heritage.

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