Cosmopack presents Pennellifaro


Sara Zanafredi, you are CEO of Pennelli Faro, an Italian company manufacturing cosmetic brushes. Is Made in Italy today still something worth being emphasized?

I believe that today Italy is still a global landmark in terms of originality, real innovation, style and care for the details. The export sales figures clearly confirm that. It is a talent that can neither be copied nor improvised.
We try to express all of this into our products, because that is what makes a difference on the market. There is another fundamental advantage in producing in Italy: proximity.

We are close to the district of Crema, which hosts the biggest producers of cosmetic products with whom we cooperate in order to create the very best tools for the application of the most advanced textures. Proximity among all the company’s working teams also enables a very fast information and feedback flow. All of this leads us to a specific test&learn attitude with immediate results.

Within Cosmotalk you are a guest of the conference debating the time-to-market and the agile development topics.  What is the market truly looking for?

The speed of information flow on Internet and particularly on social networks, causes a whirlwind request for new products coming from the consumers, hence the brands. At this pace, all internal procedures need to be streamlined to remain fluid and it is necessary to monitor the market and the lifestyle trends. To stay on top of it, “agility” needs to be above all a cultural attitude, a special openness, a smart way of thinking and operating, that starts within the colleagues’ team and becomes the company DNA involving all departments.

You are partner of “The Powderful Factory” project coordinated by the Centdegrés agency for this edition of Cosmoprof Cosmopack 2018. Can you give us any comment from behind the scenes?

We are very proud of the product that has been created also thanks to our patented “origami infinito” brush, which meets a new gesture in the application of make-up and a specific attention to ergonomics.

It has been a very ambitious and exciting project, the true evidence of the potential of “collective intelligence”, which arises when actors of the beauty industry excellence join forces: every engaged partner provided his expertise, qualification and intuition. Communication among producers and designers has been thrilling and educational to the point that “The Powderful Factory” project has not yet run out of results: new relations and cooperation have originated from our meetings and there will be new outcomes and interesting impulses to the market in the months to come.

Could you tell us something more about “FLESS”?

FLESS originates from a curious intuition that we will not reveal. From the brush we removed all elements that are not essential and focused on the ‘noble part’ of the brush, the application part. Contravening what are considered the ‘rules’ of brush manufacturing, the production process has been innovated to such an extent that it was overturned. FLESS is the first flexible brush, the surface of application changes its shape according to the applied pressure: it is a real revolution in the field of brushes and cosmetic accessories. The result being the maximum possible adaptability to face and body shapes, reducing the hand’s strain during application.

Sara Zanafredi joins the family company in 1991, after completing her studies in the commercial technical field. Pennelli Faro produces private label cosmetic and fine arts brushes for the most prestigious international brands. Since the beginning, Sara believed in what she likes to define as the “formulation of the applicator”: at the same level as the make-up texture, the accessory plays a key role in achieving the final application’s result.

That’s why every brush is unique, custom-made for the client, not only taking care of the aesthetic details, but most of all concentrating on the functional comfort. During the years of her management, she implemented the company’s development strategy in the most important export markets and led Pennelli Faro to being recognised as one of the most innovative companies in this field.