Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

A) Company information 
The CosmoprofTrends Platform is made available via wwww.cosmoprofawards.com/contest/trends website provided by: 
BolognaFiere Cosmoprof S.p.a. 
Registered office: Via Maserati 16, 40128 Bologna (Italy). 
Head office: Via Cappuccini 2, 20122 Milano (Italy). 
tel +39.02.796.420 - fax +39.02.795.036 - [email protected] 

B) Acceptance of the terms and conditions for use of CosmoprofTrends Platform 
In order to utilize the CosmoprofTrends Platform, users must first accept the terms and conditions for use included in this contract. Without doing so, users may not take advantage CosmoprofTrends service. Users may express acceptance of the terms and conditions for use included in this contract through one of the following mean: Clicking on “I accept the terms and conditions for use”. 

C) BolognaFiere Cosmoprof’s provision of services 
i. Users shall declare to be aware and accepting of the fact that the CosmoprofTrends platform or certain options relating thereto, may be discontinued temporarily or permanently. BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa may also make unilateral decisions regarding the suspension of service, without being in any way obligated to notify or indemnify users. 
ii. The CosmoprofTrends Platform is an ever-evolving project and we are always eager to improve upon the service. Users shall be aware and accepting of the fact that the CosmoprofTrends platform is subject to modification, without BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa being in any way obligated to to notify or indemnify users. 

D) Privacy, sharing content and information referred to the CosmoprofTrends Platform 
With regard to the use of CosmoprofTrends Platform by our users, we would like to bring it to the user’s attention that the posting and/or sharing of content on the platform (image, personal data, etc.) must be carried out based on the full awareness and absolute autonomy of the user. For this reason, BolognaFiere Cosmoprof Spa may not be held responsible, to any extent whatsoever, for the potential infringement of personal/intellectual property rights (regarding information or content posted), which may be committed by third parties. 
CosmoprofTrends’s users, therefore, have the option of posting their own content – which is covered by property rights – including but not limited to: writing, photos, and videos (IP content). At the time of posting, users grant BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa a non-exclusive license (IP license) for use and publication any contents trasmitted , which is transferable and valid worldwide, and which, in any case, does not entail the payment of royalties to the user under any form whatsoever. 
Through the granting of this license, BolognaFiere Cosmoprof Spa can use any IP content posted on CosmoprofTrends Platform. This license shall be understood as irrevocable until the user decides to remove the IP content from CosmoprofTrends Platform. In the event the IP content is deleted by the user, the license for use previously granted to BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa for said content shall also be terminated. 
Nonetheless, we inform users that when content is shared with third parties, it remains visible until the other parties also decide to delete it. 

E) CosmoprofTrendscontents moderation 
CosmoprofTrends Platform allows its users to publish their comments and contents. Comments sent and received by the user will be submitted to a pre-emptive check and, if they will be pursuant to the Platform Terms & Condition, they will be published. BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa will reserve the right, as unappealable decision, to not to publish and/or delete contents not pursuant to its Platform Terms & Conditions, as detailed in the current document. 

F) Legal policy and behavior code 
BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa believes that complying with the law and maintaining security are the best ways to safeguard users’ freedom online. 
We are currently going to great lengths to ensure that CosmoprofTrends Platform is safe, and will continue to do so in the future; however, we cannot provide any guarantees, for obvious reasons. 
Users should also be aware and accepting of the fact that CosmoprofTrends Platform may contain links or content originating from other websites. BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa shall not be held responsible, to any extent whatsoever, for any content not developed by personnel belonging to the BolognaFiere Cosmoprof organization. 

We kindly ask that all users make the following commitments: 
i. Not to use the CosmoprofTrends Platform to undertake actions of illegal marketing, or use the profile of others for this purpose. 
ii. Not to upload to the CosmoprofTrends Platform viruses or other codes having damaging effects, not to access CosmoprofTrends service through alternative or automated means without our authorization, not to become involved in actions that could overload CosmoprofTrends platform or otherwise compromise or prevent its proper functioning. 
iii. Not to use CosmoprofTrends Platform to degrade, intimidate, or harass other users. 
iv.Not to post content that could be described as pornographic or inspiring hate, violence, or discrimination of any type (racial, religious, sexual, etc.) and/or that conveys subliminal characteristics and/or meanings of this nature on CosmoprofTrends Platform, including images with nudity or gratuitous violence. 
v. Not to use CosmoprofTrends Platform for illegal, misleading, or discriminatory purposes. 
vi. Not to promote or encourage violations of this behavior code or this statement in general. 
vii. Not to post in the platform contents slandering BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa, BolognaFiere Cosmoprof’s Team, other users, or other companies. 
viii. Not to use our copyrights, registered trademarks, or logos – or any similar symbols which could cause confusion – without our prior written consent. 
ix. Not to use the copyrights, registered trademarks, or logos of other companies or organizations, or in any case belonging to third parties – or any similar symbols which could cause confusion as to the legitimate owner or licensee – without our prior written consent. 
x. Not to use the CosmoprofTrends platform to post content or committing any actions, in general, which infringe upon the rights of third parties or violate the law in any other way. 
xi. Not to soliciting user content or information, through any means, trying to obtain access details, or actually accessing the account of other users. 
xii. Not to posting IDs or sensitive information regarding oneself and/or third parties on CosmoprofTrends Platform. 
In accordance with the above conditions, the user, on his/her own responsibility, affirms and assures to be the exclusive owner of the contents sent and published on the CosmoprofTrends Platform, he/she also declare that those contents do not prejudice any copyright, intellectual or publishing right. The user declare that all the material/contents sent or published on the CosmoprofTrends Platform follow the Italian Intellectual Rights Law (Legge 22 Aprile 1941 n. 633) and any subsequent modifications and additions, he/she also declares that the contents sent/published do not prejudice any patent right and that they are not connected to unfair competition activities which can damage third party. Should BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa feel that the rules and restrictions contained in this behavior code have been violated, based on its own absolute discretion, BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa reserves the right not to publish or remove all content posted by the users, as well as to block the offender’s access to the CosmoprofTrends Platform either temporarily or permanently. 
However, in the event that the user believes the removal of said content to be unfair and/or done in error, he/she shall have the right to contest this decision. Contact us for further information on these policies. 

G) Use by BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa of contents sent/published on the blog by the users 
User is aware and accepts that through the use CosmoprofTrends Platform he/she expressly grants BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa the rights and the license to use any IP content posted on the platform, in a non-exclusive, transferable, sub- 
licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license. In accordance with the above conditions, BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa grants also the right to adapt, publish, distribute or copy those contents without any territorial or time limit. User also grants BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa the right to surrender (entirely or partially, temporarily or permanently) the rights, as above described, to companies belonging to Group or to third party. 

H) Amendments 
Any part of this document may be amended upon notice, which shall be communicated to all users on the CosmoprofTrends platform Home page. An amendment may be the result of new legal or administrative requirements, or simply the correction of potential errors and/or inaccurate information contained herein. 
I) Termination 
BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa reserves the right to discontinue service by disabling the user’s access to the blog, if he/she violates the rules indicated in this document intentionally or out of negligence. This may occur either in the case that the user’s non-compliance actually causes damages to a third party and/or to BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa, or merely has the potential to cause damages and/or pose a risk to BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa. Without prejudice to the foregoing, Volunia shall always reserve the right to take action with regard to the user in order to obtain compensation for any damages actually sustained. Once again, reference should be made to the current law pertaining to this specific type of case (Legislative Decree 109/2008, in amendment of 196/2003). 

N) Contract 
The user shall declare to be fully aware and to accept, without reservation, that this document constitutes the contract governing the relationship between the user and BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa. The contract, and any subsequent amendments made to this version, shall prevail over any other previous agreements. 
For this reason, the user shall explicitly declare his/her obligation to comply with the contractual rules and, in any case, with all applicable Italian laws, at the time he/she accesses CosmoprofTrends Platform. 
This contract may be unilaterally amended by BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa. 
Should the user engage in any inappropriate and/or illegal activities that cause legal action to be taken by third parties, and that also involve BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa, the user shall be obligated to indemnify and hold BolognaFiere Cosmoprof spa harmless from and against all damages, losses, and expenses of any kind (including legal fees and costs) relating to and resulting from the aforementioned activities. 
With regard to any dispute that may arise between BolognaFiere Cosmoprof and the user, Italian law shall have exclusive applicability. The user shall declare, without reservation, to accept that the local court of jurisdiction to which all potential disputes must be presented is the Court of Milan. 

N) Language 
This document was written in Italian and translated into English. Should there be discrepancies between any of the translated versions of this contract and the Italian version, the latter shall prevail.