Exhibitors at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2018

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Company NameHALL (BOOTH)SectorCountry
VOGUE HAIR LAB SRL32 (B21)Professional HairItaly
NEWVOESH38 (C72)Beauty & SpaIreland
VIZRA MED-TECHNIK16 (M10-N15-07)Country PavillionPakistan
NEWVIVIENNE COSMÉTIQUES S.A.S.22 (B9)Cosmetics & ToiletriesFrance
VIVESCENCE19EG (35)CosmoprimeSwitzerland
VIVALIS BEAUTY LTD14 (G4)Country PavillionUnited Kingdom
NEWVIVA LA DIVA16 (B20-C21)Country PavillionSweden
NEWVITAMINS COSMETICS14 (C9)Country PavillionIsrael
VITAMASQUES19PC (E1)CosmoprimeUnited Kingdom
VISMARA SRL37 (A42-B41)Beauty & SpaItaly
VISION HAIRCARE AB35 (C44)Professional HairSweden
VISION COSMETIC SRL35 (D38)Professional HairItaly
NEWVIOR - BRAZILIAN MAGIC35 (E12E)Professional HairBrazil
VIOKOX26 (A103-B106)Cosmetics & ToiletriesSpain
VIOHAL ARAPOS SPYROS LTD35 (E24)Professional HairGreece