Bologna Fiere Cosmoprof S.p.A., hereinafter the "Company", allows the possibility to employees, collaborators, commercial partners, suppliers and other subjects to report possible irregularities committed by other subjects belonging to the organization, which could seriously threaten the reputation of the Company itself.

The purpose is to allow the Company to deal with the reported irregularities as soon as possible, disclosing situations of risk or damage and thus contributing to the prevention and contrast of any offenses.

Through appropriate channels and methods which guarantee protection and confidentiality to the whistleblower, all stakeholders can thus contribute to the prevention of illegal behaviours and to the spread of the culture of ethics and lawfulness.


Anyone who directly becomes aware of any anomalies, serious irregularities or breach of the Organizational Model and the Code of Ethics of Bolognafiere Cosmoprof S.p.A. by reason of the work functions performed, can make a report - even anonymously - to the Supervisory Body through these channels:


[email protected] (address readable only by the external members of the Supervisory Body)

• Ordinary mail: to the attention of the President of the Supervisory Body of BolognaFiere Cosmoprof S.p.A., Mr. Pierluigi Morara, at Via Cappuccini 2, 20122 Milan, Italy.

The report will be confidentially handled by the Supervisory Body, which is required not to disclose the identity of the whistleblower without his/her consent. Any personal data present in the report will be processed in compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations and stored for the period of time strictly necessary for the management of the report.

Reports cannot be based on "mere" rumors or hearsay, but must contain detailed elements, useful for ascertaining the validity of the facts reported, so as to allow the Company to proceed with the necessary verifications.


The report is handled with the utmost confidentiality, according to the methods indicated in the dedicated Procedure and the identity of the whistleblower, when declared, will not be disclosed without his/her consent, without prejudice to legal obligations.

It is also forbidden to retaliate or discriminate the whistleblower for reasons related, directly or indirectly, to his/her report and disciplinary sanctions are imposed on whoever breaches the whistleblower's protection measures.


The reported subject cannot in any way be disciplinarily sanctioned on the basis of what is stated by the whistleblower, without there being objective evidence and without having investigated the facts object of the report.

Any reports made in bad faith, in an opportunistic way, as well as groundless reports made with gross negligence, can give rise to disciplinary and/or legal liability.