Cosmoprof Asia 2018, the most important B2B event for the beauty industry in the Asia-Pacific region, has announced the winners of Cosmoprof Awards Asia last night at the Awards Ceremony and Reception at Chancellor Room of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Some 200 guests of finalists, executives from trade association, buyers, judges, media and influencers gathered to celebrate with the 10 winning companies for their innovation, excellence and passion to the industry. All winners were awarded a prestigious trophy designed by Centdegrés which they get to keep as a permanent reminder of their great triumph.

The Awards are created in partnership with international trend agency BEAUTYSTREAMS to recognise the most outstanding beauty products in each exhibition venue. Cosmopack Asia Awards celebrates innovation, creativity and design for the supply chain; Cosmoprof Asia Awards recognises the best strategies to build brand awareness and marketability.

“This year we are very excited to have received as many as 529 entries from 274 exhibitors who have participated in the awards from all over the world. As a result 2018 is a record-breaking edition, clearly indicating the global reach of Cosmoprof Asia, the increasing significance of the industry and growing interest from the market,” says the Organiser of Cosmoprof Asia. “We look forward to seeing more outstanding products and innovations contributing to record-breaking years in further editions.”

“We are honored to work with Cosmoprof Asia to curate the Cosmoprof Awards for 2018,” says Lan Vu, CEO of BEAUTYSTREAMS. “This initiative is key in encouraging innovation and creativity in the international beauty industry. It has been an exciting journey this year, resulting in so many new ideas, pioneering products and trends-in-the- making. We anticipate partnering with the Cosmoprof Awards Asia going forward into the future and further supporting this dynamic and important industry.”

Listed here are the winners in each category of the Awards selected by an expert jury of 21 members.



Make-up Formula

•   Ice Crumble Transparent Compact Highlighter – Kolormakeup & Skincare S.p.a. (Italy)

Ice Crumble reproduces thin sheets of fragmented ice from which an evanescent pearly material emerges. An extra-sensory intangible powder that covers the face in a multitude of light effects for a translucent frosted finish, emphasized by the use of pearls with exceptional shine. A work of manual art, delicate and minimalistic, it is ideal for a sophisticated ice queen look.

Make-up Packaging Technology and Design

•   Magnetcara – Cosnine, – Cosnine, Inc. (Korea)

A high-tech magnetic metal wand is the outstanding delivery system for a sophisticated mascara formula containing ingredients such as iron oxide and vegetable wax. The combination offers the triple synergy effect of volumizing, curling, and lengthening.

Skincare Formula

•   Enzymatic Whitening Bi-Gel – Pink Frogs r.l (Italy)

A beauty treatment enclosed in two enveloping textures; a lipogel to exfoliate, purify and smooth the skin, and a hydrogel to give a whitening and brightening effect to the complexion. The perfect combination to ensure a radiant and protected skin.

Skincare Packaging Technology and Design

•   MAGNETIC DROPPER Virospack L.U. (Spain)

An innovative dropper, fitted with an exclusive and patented sealing system of magnetic attraction, composed by two pieces that contain a multitude of components for an innovative, functional, safe and customizable final result.

Green Packaging and Formula

•   PLA Bottle with Rice Bran – Bottlemate (Taiwan) (Taiwan)

PLA combined with rice bran are used in order to reduce the proportion of plastic within the bottle. While the inner layer of the bottle is made of polyethylene (PE), the outer layer is made of rice bran and polylactic acid (PLA), giving the finished product a natural brownish colour akin to the colour of rice bran.



 Hair Product

•   Physiocoiffeur Evolution Intensive Hair Booster Program – Laboratoire Sintyl A (Switzerland)

An innovative treatment that meets the specific needs of the scalp and hair to fight against hair loss and promote natural hair growth. This scientifically-proven formula fights the signs of capillary aging, intensifiying and strengthening the hair.

Make-up Product

•   Kuramoto-No-Shizuku Foundation – Izavell , Ltd (Japan)

Kuramoto no Shizuku Foundation contains Sake Lees Extract from the traditional Miyakotsuru Shuzo brewery in Kyoto, as well as Oryza Sativa (Rice) Germ Oil, which is rich in a Super Vitamin E that is highly stable and resists oxidation.

Nail Product

•   Idea’l UV-LED/LED Gel – Silcare zo.o. sp. k. (Poland)

IDEA’l UV-LED/LED Gel is a solution which protects your nails against external factors and simultaneously allows them to rebuild while the natural nail plate can extend. The product is easy to shape and work with, while its thick consistency makes it suitable for professional and beginner stylists.

Natural & Organic Product

•   3 in 1 Anti Blue Light Facial Oil – Borlind GmbH (Germany)

Nourishing oils such as Inca omega oil, kahai oil and Himalayan cherry oil fortify the skin’s natural barrier and add suppleness while Marigold, an anti-aging dry oil that leaves skin relaxed and regenerated, protects against blue light radiation. This vegan, mineral-oil-free product is scientifically confirmed as efficacious and skin- compatible.

Skincare Product

•   LUMINI – Lululab (Korea)

AI Skincare Assistant LUMINI analyzes the entire facial complexion in a snap and recommends specific skincare products for each user. It consists of a handheld scanning device and AI technology software, takes only 10 seconds to diagnose the skin and is highly accurate. LUMINI can also create skin big data through helping people understand their skin condition and track changes, while providing data-based personalized solutions.


All Cosmopack Asia Awards finalists’ products are displayed at the East Lobby of AWE, while finalists’ products of Cosmoprof Asia Awards are displayed at Hall 1E, Concourse of HKCEC.

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