The purpose of this discussion is to emphasize how the Feminine in Perfumery is not a matter of gender, but how in fact it has always represented the very form and substance of the existence of a place, which does not only present products, but interprets states of mind. In Perfumery one goes to gratify oneself, to find solutions, to immerse oneself in an accessible luxury, but still with all the characteristics of the most authentic and exclusive luxury.

In this context, to speak of Girl Power is to delve into a multifaceted concept that has to do with: a special creative spark, which hints at nascent trends or builds on them; a special attention to detail, which is tension towards a beauty to be shared; a special concrete sensibility that finds its expression in 'advice'.

Women of Perfumery belonging to different realities will initiate an exchange of passionate opinions on the meaning of 'Girl Power in Perfumery'.