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CBD-Beauty: natural cannabidiol recognized for cosmetic use in Europe

As of 1 February 2021, the European Union officially recognizes cannabidiol – (CBD), derived from cannabis extract or tincture or resin among the ingredients used by the cosmetics industry and included in the CosIng, the reference document for cosmetic raw materials for countries in the European Union. Until now, only synthetic cannabidiol was recognized by the EU.

Recognition and inclusion in the CosIng of cannabidiol of natural origin is a fundamental step for the development of this new branch of the cosmetics industry within the European Union and was strongly backed by the EIHA, the European association for industrial hemp. So-called CBD-Beauty is a growing phenomenon all around the world. In recent years, unbridled competition, and an ever-increasing emphasis on the use of natural ingredients in cosmetics has driven manufacturers to invest in research and development efforts looking at the properties of CBD. Extracts of low-THC Cannabis sativa L. have enormous potential: they improve skin conditions thanks to their antioxidant properties, restore balance where sebum production is excessive, regulate the quantity of collagen and elastin present. According to a study by Technario, published on this past October, the sector will grow by 31% annually over the 2020-2024 period and will be worth $3.09 billion by the end of the period. Cannabidiol is particularly prevalent in skincare products, and market research company Million Insights expects it to be worth €1.7 billion by 2026.

The main market for CBD-Beauty is currently North America, but the official recognition of Cannabidiol by the European Union will certainly energize the industrialization and sale of products made with CBD within the Union. This is also a significant result for Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, which has for years highlighted the positive effects of Cannabidiol for cosmetic purposes by hosting innovative and cutting-edge businesses.


CBD-Beauty: natural cannabidiol recognized for cosmetic use in Europe image 1
CBD-Beauty: natural cannabidiol recognized for cosmetic use in Europe image 2
CBD-Beauty: natural cannabidiol recognized for cosmetic use in Europe image 2

Materia Medica Processing

Italian start-up MATERIA MEDICA PROCESSING produces the highest quality non-psychoactive THC-free CBD with demonstrated soothing, antioxidant, and anti-aging properties during in-vitro testing. The search for quality begins with EU-certified Italian grown hemp to create consistent cosmetic extracts and ingredients. The processing phase respects the plant's phytochemistry and is used to obtain an THC-free extract with a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes hand-selected to enhance the plant's natural beneficial properties. 


VIRISENS, a Swiss leader in the research and innovation of advanced cosmetics, has created a complete range of skincare products in its laboratories, combining the best that nature and biotechnology have to offer. The search for solutions for the regeneration of skin cells led to the development of the first cannabis-based cosmetic complex: PURE CBD COMPLEX®. This exclusive synergic complex restructures the extracellular matrix and restores the natural skin barrier. Moisturized, toned and with longer lasting softness, skin regains its full natural glow.


AQUASABIDA has been farming hemp in southwestern Sardinia since 2016: the initial objective was to improve soil fertility; however, once the extraordinary properties of Cannabidiol came to light, hemp became the company's core business. By distilling the buds and flowers, AQUASABIDA produces a serum for the face and neckline that features antioxidant properties, soothing and anti-aging floral water and a body oil with emollient and nourishing effects. The company is based in Sardinia and adopts sustainable agricultural practices, rotating crops and only using natural fertilizers, without resorting to chemicals or pesticides.


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