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Marzia Clinic presents the Inside Out Method at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2020: a method designed exclusively to take you on a journey of discovery of emotions and their influence on the body.

A journey is always a discovery: the moment we open up to something new, we experience unusual situations. We inevitably speak to the heart and prepare ourselves to discover new emotions.
The Inside Method is a journey divided into stages. 

The star of the first stage and the starting point of this journey is the sense of smell: the most enigmatic of the senses, the one that affects our unconscious most deeply. The Olfactory Compass, which involves the olfaction of different aromatic blends based on pure and sophisticated essential oils, will reveal which emotion is somatizing in the body and generating imperfections that are difficult, if not impossible to treat if the emotional blockage is not first dissolved. 

The second stage focuses on the metameres, that is, those areas located along the spinal column to which the various internal organs of our body correspond. It is thanks to the reflexogenic techniques of ‘Massaggio Neurodermico™’ that the wellness operator can rebalance the connection between the nervous system and the affected organ.
With the application of coloured peel-off masks on the affected portion of the back, this journey involves colour as a new essential element of the method.
Thanks to their different vibrations, colours will allow you to achieve perfect cardiac coherence, i.e. a state of physiological, emotional and energetic balance, renamed ‘the new frontier of well-being’.
The ‘aesthetic heart’ of the journey focuses on the bodily imperfection that is most obvious for the client, which always eats away at their confidence and security. A perfect combination of phytotherapyaromatherapy and chromotherapy for a tailor-made treatment.
Just as no journey ever ends with the last stop, but continues to live on inside us with indelible memories, the lnside Out Method does not end at the salon, but continues to accompany the client with valuable lifestyle advice and the right products for their needs. 

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