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Discover the packaging and formulations that won Cosmopack Awards and why


Sustainable formulas, refillable and easy-to-dispose-of packaging, ease of use and attractive design are the elements that will characterise the cosmetics products of the next two years.
How do we know it? Simple: these are the characteristics of the winning products of the Cosmopack Awards, chosen by a jury of technical experts, retailers, brand managers and specialised journalists at the 2022 edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna. The Cosmopack Awards highlighted the most innovative proposals presented by companies in the cosmetics supply chain, resulting from substantial investment in research and development, which finished product brands will adopt in the coming months.
The initiative, curated exclusively by the international agency BEAUTYSTREAMS, ended on Friday, 29 April, with the awarding of the five winning products for the Cosmopack categories.

To find out which products will be the most functional in the coming months, we asked the 13 international jurors their primary motivations for choosing the winners of Cosmopack Awards 2022.

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For the category SKIN CARE & HAIR FORMULA & NAILS the winner is Pink Frogs Srl (Italy)

Jury members were astonished by Smart Rolling Sun Oil’s high degree of sun protection in an Ecolabel formula and oil format, both easy-to-apply and sustainable. In short, a win-win scenario. Pink Frogs takes sustainable sun care to the next level with Smart Rolling Sun Oil, an innovative sun oil that protects and hydrates the skin, and is sunscreen compliant with serious (aka Ecolabel) certification. The formulation is free from endocrine-disruptor sun filters, allergens and nano-scale filters known to destroy coral reefs. Available in both oil and milk textures, Smart Rolling Sun Oil features a roll-on twist and roll-on refill applicator, with packaging made of 100% PCR plastic. It is designed to have reduced environmental impact throughout its entire life cycle thanks to formula-saving, refillable packaging.

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For the category MAKE-UP & NAILS FORMULA the winner is Ancorotti Cosmetics SPA (Italy)

When members of the jury tried out Delicate Leaf by Ancorotti Cosmetics, they were truly impressed by the easy-to-apply formula, and the playful popsicle format amplified the product’s appeal.
In short, Ancorotti Cosmetics reaches new levels of creativity and high-performing, eco-friendly benefits with Delicate Leaf. This waterless concealer is shaped like a popsicle, and contains a skin-loving mix of natural oils and butters in an eye-catching chlorophyll (naturally-derived) dye. The formula, which is free from mineral waxes, mineral oils, talc, and microplastics, was developed to be poured into standalone shapes. 100 percent vegetal waxes deliver the same benefits as beeswax. Delicate Leaf also contains cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba oil, and meadowfoam seed oil.

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For the category MAKE-UP & NAILS PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY the winner is MYC Packaging Innovation (Italy)

‘Refill, don’t replace’ is beauty’s newest mantra, and Refill Me! Mascara by MYC Packaging Innovation checks both boxes of luxurious appeal and smart eco-consciousness.
Refill Me! Mascara, a high-end mascara case that can be reused and refilled. When the mascara refill is finished, simply pull out the cap, unscrew the collar, pull out the cartridge, and insert a new one. The empty refill can be recycled. Refill Me! Mascara is also suitable for lash and eyebrow treatment, and can be tailored for lip and face products.

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For the category SKIN CARE & HAIR PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY the winner is Lumson (Italy)

The fact that XPaper Airless Paper Packaging by Lumson combines contemporary paper design with the benefit of airless technology simply couldn’t be ignored by the jury. Moreover, being able to separate out the components was an additional bonus. Airless packaging has, of course, been a game-changer because of its ability to preserve the efficacy of formulations. Lumson’s XPaper Airless Paper Packaging raises the stakes with an eco-friendly twist: airless pouch technology that features an outer shell made from cardboard. When dispensing the formulation, the pouch is squeezed, allowing a precise dose of product to be dispensed, without any air entering into the packaging, thereby ensuring maximum hygiene and preservation of the formula. When the product has been used up, the plastic components can be separated from the paper and recycled. The cardboard outer shell is made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper.

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For the category PACKAGING DESIGN the winner is Asquan Group (Hong Kong SAR China)

Members of the jury loved that Essential Push Button Tottle by Asquan Group combines a playful gesture with sustainability and eco-responsibility. Clearly, efficiency and ease of use are non-negotiables when it comes to sustainable packaging. Asquan Group has created a refillable tottle system with an integrated spring that allows for a dispensing method in a sleek body profile. The refillable tottle unit is also made from PP, as are the outer housing and cap parts, and the ultra-clear nozzle is made from TPE. The tottle and nozzle refill unit snaps in and out of the outer housing for easy and intuitive refill.
Functionality is seamless with an integrated tottle “spring” that dispenses the precision nozzle by depressing the tottle body from the end.

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