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Figuring out 2020 to predict 2021

We are at the end of one of the most complicated years ever, for beauty professionals and for the world. These twelve months have put the years of synergy forged at our events to the test. Still, the cosmetic industry has responded with boundless strength – despite social distancing and other restrictions – and faced new challenges with determination. 

The beauty market experienced some major upsets over the course of 2020, with trends that had already been on the table for some time and that suddenly evolved to deal with new economic challenges.

As we wait to see what 2021 holds, Cosmoprof is playing its hand, revealing five cards that foreshadow future market changes: a careful study of the most important overall trends of 2020 to help us better understand the future.

A royal flush for the international beauty community – the winning hand in the ultimate game and the key to coming back stronger than ever!

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The whole world seems to have adapted to the delivery paradigm. Customers have found a solution to their primary needs through e-commerce. The virtual dimension is safe, highlights the visual element and helps customers personalize their purchases easily. Still, other equally fundamental services cannot be obtained online: the thrill of interacting with people and with the product itself, the professionalism of the sales staff and of the other operators. These needs can only be met in shops and beauty salons, which easily become a fixed part of our routine.

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The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation: online retail, cloud services, contactless payments, and new business solutions for brands have changed our sales models. New technology can assist us with the selection of a product, with our well-being, and with more immersive experiences. At the same time, the need for open and authentic communication is more keenly felt. Consumers want to be able to trust brands. Businesses need to adopt communications strategies that focus on being more open and authentic, remembering that online judgements can be brutal and definitive. 

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These days the consumer's environmental and social awareness plays a key role in the trust fostered between the brand and the customer: cosmetic companies are called to a particularly high standard for the good of the community, both in terms of manufacturing decisions and in terms of the quality of life enjoyed by workers and their families. Research into more sustainable raw materials and new packaging solutions, greater attention to transportation logistics and to the supply chain: these key topics must drive the sustainable development of the beauty industry today.


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Social distancing, travel restrictions, financial crisis: while such words may be negative, we must not overlook the opportunities they create for local brands and for smaller stores on the outskirts of our cities. We are increasingly likely to select products that share a connection with our land and our traditions. The positive impact of companies on community development earns our attention. We are more likely to buy from shops that are safe and easy to reach on foot. As financial hardship looms, stories of resilience from little-known manufacturers deserve recognition.


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This is a complex topic, deeply rooted in our historical, geopolitical but also cultural setting. Diversity and Inclusivity are relevant to ethics, gender, financial status, and religion. It is a world that rotates around the individual and calls for a perspective that goes beyond mere labeling in terms or race or sexual orientation. Dated and inflated stereotypes must be set aside. The concept of perfection, a source of great discomfort, does not exist anymore. Long live imperfection; long live uniqueness!

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