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How technology is transforming the relationship with cosmetics?

Digital channels have transformed brand-consumer relations. Being recognisable in the market, building a unique identity and communicating their values and distinctive traits has become essential for companies. There are no one-size-fits-all rules, so it is essential for companies to structure an appropriate marketing and storytelling path designed to reach the right target, convey the messages most in line with the brand's history and identity, and use the right platforms to be recognisable.

Technology is also driving innovation and research in the cosmetics industry. The constant improvement in the quality and safety of the products we use daily for our personal care is the result of studies and research into new technologies to optimise supply chain processes and business management, as well as implementations aimed at enriching the shopping experience and product use. At the same time, consumer services are on the rise, with more effective marketing and communication strategies, complete personalisation of the product and shopping experience, and new forms of customer care.


Tecnology has radically changed the corporate approach and the relationship between brand and consumer, bringing the concept of brand equity back to the centre of strategies. i.e. the perception that consumers have of the brand and the relationship they establish with the company over time. The theme was the focus of a round table at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2023 within the CosmoTalks schedule, “Cosmetic art: Design your brand difference”, organized in collaboration with KANTAR, a data, insights and consulting company.

The discussion highlighted the need for brands to be visible and meaningful in order to build an emotional connection with consumers. The real challenge is to produce content in line with their values across the various channels of interaction with the consumer. One of the best performing tools today, with a lot of untapped potential, is undoubtedly TikTok, which has seen strong growth in recent years. The social channel has more than 1 billion monthly users worldwide, 67% of whom are over 25: the best way to interact with the younger generation, but not only. On social, the key metric for brand recognition is community engagement. Collaborating with digital creators can help reach the right audience in the most appropriate language and understand their feelings about the company and its products.

image How technology is transforming the relationship with cosmetics?


Digital is the reference universe for younger generations and therefore a reference area for future growth. Gen-Z is an indispensable target group for cosmetics companies, and their more constant access to digital technologies leads to a completely different approach than that of more adult consumers. The most successful influencers today are ordinary people to whom consumers can relate because they share the same values.

The topic was discussed during Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2023 in the CosmoTalks session entitled “The beauty of influence: how creators connect with Gen-Z in marketing and communication”, moderated by THE WOM, with the participation of the creators invited to the event as part of the collaboration with the Open Influence agency.

Thanks to their credibility with consumers, influencers are increasingly becoming ambassadors of the brand and its values, but it is essential to respect the relationship of authenticity between the creators and their followers. In the future, the role of creators will continue to be strategic and beauty communication will become increasingly digital, but authentic relationships and sharing will remain the dominant values.

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Today, a growing number of companies and start-ups are offering Beauty Tech services and solutions to brands, playing a fundamental role in the evolution of the sector. The impact of Beauty Tech on the cosmetics industry was the subject of a panel discussion at CosmoTalks, the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna event dedicated to in-depth analysis of the latest trends in the sector. The panel, entitled "Revolutionizing the Power of Beauty with the Power of Technology", was moderated by WIRED ITALIA.

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the multi-channel shopping experience. Beauty Tech is a key factor in customer engagement, which has become fundamental to a successful marketing strategy. New technological tools not only help people choose a product and make the right purchase, but also enable them to look and feel better. Artificial intelligence is another area of development that is already having an incredible impact. Chatbots, for examplel are already used to provide customer service, but in the future are expected to take on specific, almost human-like personalities that will allow them to have real conversations with consumers.
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