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Ideas to Innovation: Discover Cosmopack, gateway to the Beauty Supply Chain By Deanna Utroske

If you’re curious about Cosmopack, you already know that what beauty consumers see on the store shelf is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the entirety of the cosmetics, personal care, and fragrance industry. Behind the brands, there exists a world of ingredients and raw materials, private label and contract manufacturers, packaging and applicator suppliers, machinery specialists, automation providers, and full-service solution companies.

And in this article, I will give you a little preview of the companies and products that you can expect to see at the 2024 edition of Cosmopack. You’ll read about raw materials, pigments, actives, and beauty-from-within ingredients; about fragrance suppliers and aromatic chemicals; about a legacy makeup pencil company and an entrepreneur-led brush and applicator business; about immersion mixers and automatic tubing machines; about refillable airless packaging and luxury-level cartons.

But first, let me emphasize that Cosmopack is the only trade fair where attendees come from around the world to discover the right partners and the latest technologies from all of the supply-side sectors in one place.The trade fair takes place concurrently with Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, from Thursday 21 March to Saturday 23 March, 2024. 

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna welcomes the world’s largest B2B beauty community. Nearly 3,000 exhibitors are on hand for the fair; and more than 250,000 operators from over 150 countries attend. Simply put, it is the place to start and build business relationships. 

image 2 Ideas to Innovation: Discover Cosmopack, gateway to the Beauty Supply Chain By Deanna Utroske


Cosmopack is a trade fair within a trade fair. It is a destination for exhibitors from every sector of the cosmetics, personal care, and fragrance supply chain. It’s where suppliers come to meet new prospects and generate leads, build on existing relationships, gain unparalleled exposure and promotion opportunities, and to network with peers from around the globe.  

Cosmopack is also a destination event for product developers, brand leaders, procurement managers, and manufacturers; for cosmetic chemists, regulatory specialists, trend scouts, trade media journalists…the list goes on. 



I am personally excited that in 2024 Cosmopack, for only the second year now, will include a formalized space for raw material and ingredient discovery. The Ingredients Zone was first introduced in 2023 and is a unique opportunity for suppliers and distributors to stand out. 

“The aim of the Ingredients Zone” explains the team behind the event, “is to provide the visitor with an even more comprehensive offer, giving place and focus to the origin of the supply chain: the ingredient sector.” 

The 2024 Ingredient Zone exhibitor list is growing and already we know that suppliers showing raw materials, pigments, functional ingredients, actives, and beauty-from-within ingredients will be there; as will suppliers of essential oils and aromatic chemicals for perfumery and scented personal care; for color cosmetics, confirmed suppliers will be showing conventional dyes and pigments as well as lakes, iron oxides, titanium dioxide; plus, biotech color innovator Sparxell will be there (more on that in another article). 

Ingredient distributor Aakon Polichimicafor instance, will be exhibiting in the Ingredients Zone. The Aakon beauty portfolio is expansive and includes both natural and synthetic waxesthickeners and polymers, colored and micronized powders and clays, exfoliants, vegetable oils, glycerin extracts, as well as classic preservatives; preservatives that are Cosmos, Ecocert, and Natrue certified; and preservatives free of antimicrobials.  

ECSA an ingredient distributor with an over 100 year history, will be in the Ingredients Zone as well. Their portfolio of cosmetics and personal care ingredients spans surfactants, emulsifiers, fatty acids, polymers, waxes, preservatives, silicones, essential and botanical oils, salts, and solvents.  

Powdered supplement input maker KBT Science will be there too. This Malaysia-based company has an ingredient portfolio that includes resveratrol, grape seed extract, astaxanthin, acai berry extract, silk peptide, yeast ceramide, apple stem cell, grape stem cell, collagen peptide, pine bark extract, melon extract, curcumin extract, and more.  

Aromatic materials company Laboratoires Herb'atlaswill be in the Ingredients Zone at Cosmopack. This company offers essential oils, concretes and absolutes, natural molecules, vegetal oils, and hydrosols. There are far too many to list here; but just for illustration, the Laboratoires Herb'atlas portfolio of hydrosols includes wild carrot, yarrow, cypress, rosehip, juniper, bitter orange, rosemary, pink Damascus, sage, elderberry, and linden.  

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Cosmopack for Product Development, Manufacturing, and Beyond

 Among the suppliers and service providers exhibiting at Cosmopack in 2024, you will find Faber Castella company that epitomizes what it means to be a legacy manufacturer. Faber Castell began making pencils in the 18th century, and in 1978 brought that expertise into the beauty industry. Today, Faber Castell has manufacturing facilities in Germany, the US, and Brazil. And, the company develops products for face, brows, eyes, lips, and nails in an array of packaging—from wooden pencils to rechargeable eyeliner pens.  

Newer to the beauty industry but no less esteemed, Anisa International will also be at Cosmppack in 2024. Founded in 1992 in the US by Anisa Telwar Kaicker, this brush and applicator maker has a solid global reputation for quality, innovation, and collaborative brand partnerships.  

Conventional third-party manufacturers like CLEYS (which is based in Ozzero, Italy, just south west of Milan) will be exhibiting at Cosmopack. CLEYS specializes in oral care, hair care, moisturizers for face and body, as well as talc. The company, founded in 1965, now boasts mixing and filling capabilities requiring an over 10,000 square meter facility.  

The formulation development venture C4Q (short for CosmeNet For Quality) will be at the trade fair again in 2024. C4Q calls itself an innovation hub and works closely with forward-thinking ingredient makers and the technical teams at those companies to help beauty brands quickly bring new ingredientsnew formulations, and new product benefits to market. And the C4Q team supports brands with market research insightsproduct developmentregulatory guidancecommunications, marketing, and more.   

You’ll find technology companies at Cosmopack. Antares Vision Group, for example, is helping to digitize the supply chain with its track-and-trace solutions that enable every sort of company and brand ensure quality, sustainability, transparency, and safety.   

And you simply can’t miss the machines and automation solutions at Cosmopack. Manufacturing and filling simply could not meet the global demand for beauty without equipment from companies like DMC. Founded in 2016 by Denis Mancarella, the Corbola, Italy – based company serves the food, pharma, and cosmetics industries. For beauty and personal care they offer turboemulsifiers, automatic filling line machines as well as semi-automatic filling machines; they offer automatic tubing machines, semi-automatic tubing machines, and manual tube forming machines—all of which are suitable for creams, emulsions, gels, lotions, sample sachets, and toothpastes. For mascara and lip gloss production lines, DMC offers bagging machines and peristaltic fillers. The company also offers immersion mixers, hot fillers, labeling machines, cartoning machines, semi-automatic cappers, conveyors, and more. Of course the company promises “support during the installation and…solid after-sales service.”  

Whether you need manufacturing equipment for your business, or like me, you are simply truly delighted by the machines and mechanisms that automate the industrial world and our industry in particular, Cosmopack is a good place to be. In addition to DMC, these and many other machinery makers will be there in 2024: Nima Erre Ti. Packaging (specializing in automatic packaging machinery), PKB (a leading manufacturer of perfume and cosmetic filling machines and lines), TGM (with over 40 years of experience producing machine for tube filling, cartoning, bundling, case packing, and more), Zefa (which makes filling and dosing machines and stands out for it tech and production capabilities, manufacturing precision mechanical components including OEM spare parts).


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Beauty and Fragrance Packaging Discovery at Cosmopack

Yes, Cosmopack is also a trade fair for packaging discovery. Suppliers show packaging material innovations, primary and secondary packaging solutionsdispensers, as well as a seemingly infinite selection of gift boxes, makeup bags, totes, gift-with-purchase (GWP) pouches, plus decoration, labeling, and printing offers. 

In 2024, companies like South Korea – based Elcos Group will be exhibiting. Elcos makes tubes (airless, applicator, tottle, and standard), jars (airless and standard), bottles (airless, dip-tube, toner, dropper), in addition to packaging expressly for color cosmetics (palettes, compacts, mascara, eye liner, lip stick, lip gloss, etc.) One of the newer packaging solutions from Elcos is their stylish square refillable jars and airless bottles. 

Another packaging company to look for at the 2024 show is Capardoni, which was founded in 1947 and located north east of Milan, Italy, in a town called Gorgonzola. (In case you’re curious, the cheese takes its name from the town and not vice versa). Capardoni makes packaging for color cosmetics, skin care, perfumery, and personal care. (They make packaging for home fragrance too.) The company has a number of tasteful ‘green’ packaging lines developed to help brands make more sustainable choices: the HILO 50 Green line is a collection of glass jars made with up to 90% recycled glass and a choice of PP-PCR (post-consumer-recycled polypropylene plastic) or biobased PE (polyethylene plastic); glass nail polish bottles are available with caps made from FSC certified beech or oak wood; while jars, bottles, and accessories for personal care products come in PE-PCR (post-consumer-recycled polyethylene plastic) or R-PET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate plastic) versions.  

Emirates Printing Press will be exhibiting at Cosmopack in 2024. The Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) – based company provides personal care brands with flexible packaging solutions, but their real specialty is making and printing folding carton packing for luxury consumer brands in and beyond beauty. (This company is also has a strong reputation for printing glossy magazines, professional journals, illustrated books, and other commercial materials.) Emirates Printing Press (EPP) is an award-winning printer and rightly takes pride in having received FSC/PEFC Chain of Custody certification, quality certification from Fogra (a prestigious non-profit research institute in Germany that serves the printing and media industry), and the company is quite mindful of what would be waste stream materials: “Even the paper dust in the air [at the EPP production facility] is extracted and transformed into recyclable blocks, an environmentally friendly solution that creates a clean environment for employees,” according to a company brochure.

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Please, Don’t Miss Cosmopack 2024

 What you’ve just read through is very, very small selection of the companies to be found at Cosmopack in 2024. Whether you’re a supplier or a buyer or are simply curious to discover the beauty industry supply chain and all that it reveals about the future of our industry, Cosmopack is where you need to be from Thursday 21 March to Saturday 23 March, 2024. I will see you there! 

Author: Deanna Utroske
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Are you looking for more updates on the beauty industry Supply Chain and Cosmopack? Don’t miss the CosmoFactory Podcast – from Ideas to Innovation, the brand-new podcast by Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, and discover the most disruptive experiences which are driving the evolution of the cosmetics industry supply chain!




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