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Italy emerges as the 4th largest cosmetics exporter in the UAE

Italian beauty brands have not just made a mark but have firmly established themselves in the UAE's beauty and personal care market, one of the country's fastest-growing consumer sectors. With its innovative products, premium-quality ingredients, and attractive designs, Italy has secured a significant 7% market share in the UAE beauty sector. This notable achievement places Italy as the fourth largest cosmetics exporter to the UAE, trailing only behind France, India, and the USA.

The Italian Beauty الجمّال Event, organised in Dubai on April 23 by the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) in collaboration with Cosmetica Italia and Cosmoprof, gathered industry leaders and key stakeholders from the cosmetics and beauty industry for an engaging evening. The event was centred around the theme 'The Journey to Italian Beauty', a narrative that traces the evolution and success of Italian beauty brands in the UAE market.

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna participated in the event, presenting its unique trade fair format to local stakeholders, and highlighted the fundamental role of initiatives like the Italian Beauty الجمّال Event in Dubai. UAE represents a strategic market for beauty and personal care products, and therefore, it is one of the key regions for developing business opportunities for the international Cosmoprof community.

A thought-provoking panel discussion was held, exploring the perceptions of Made in Italy cosmetics products in the Emirates and GCC markets, as well as the latest industry trends. The panel, comprised of influential figures from the regional retail and cosmetics landscape, discussed the growing popularity and acceptance of Italian beauty brands in the region, their unique selling points, and the potential for further growth. Also, the event sponsors delivered interactive demo sessions at the event, offering a look into the various facets of the cosmetics industry.

As the global cosmetics industry continues to evolve, Italy's steadfast presence and reputation for quality are poised to further enrich the region's industry landscape, reinforcing lasting partnerships and drawing in a growing consumer base with exceptional products.

Italy emerges as the 4th largest cosmetics exporter in the UAE image 1
Italy emerges as the 4th largest cosmetics exporter in the UAE image 2
Italy emerges as the 4th largest cosmetics exporter in the UAE image 2

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