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Maskne: beauty secrets to prevent mask-induced acne

One of the most widely used expressions in recent skincare claims is “maskne” a word that was coined during the pandemic as a combination of “mask” and “acne”. The expression refers to a series of skin problems that result from the use of masks, which have become a fixture in our daily lives. Mask acne commonly presents as redness, itching, breaking out, irritation or mild abrasion, but may also manifest as more serious dermatitis. The main cause is the lack of oxygenation in the area covered by the mask, which causes pores to block up. The buildup of dirt and sebum, partly due to friction, results in irritation and reddening of the skin.

Those at greatest risk are certainly health-care workers, who must wear protective equipment for hours at a time, but it would be wrong to assume the problem only affects a specific category. Reports of mask-induced irritation in people who have overly sensitive skin or underlying illnesses continue to increase, and the situation will only get worse as the summer brings higher temperatures.

Prevention is possible and requires dedicating significant attention to everyday skin care. The first step is selecting products that are suitable for a specific skin type, to guarantee the optimal degree of moisture. Cleaning the face, multiple times a day if possible and with gentle, soothing products, is also crucial. 

The cosmetics industry is working to offer effective, personalized remedies: here are some of the products provided by Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna exhibitors.

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Barwa Siarkowa® is a line dedicated to young people dealing with acne
, but it is also suitable for people suffering from mask-induced irritation. The line includes energizing products with citrus scents for daily skin care and hygiene. Thanks to the use of sulfur, which has marked anti-acne properties, the line minimizes the visibility of pores, refreshes the skin, and improves skin opacity, for a healthy, luminous effect. The work is completed by AHA acids, fruit extracts, prebiotics, and zinc, which guarantee excellent results in reducing the symptoms of acne. 

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Skin IV

BLUE MASK is a microcrystalline cellulose facial mask made in Korea
 with extracts obtained from blue flowers and Centella asiatica. Blue is used to represent skin protection. Hyacinth, cornflower, borage, lavender, and clary sage protect facial skin from aggression by external agents: smog, smoke and the friction created by masks. Meanwhile, chamomile, Korean red ginseng and Centella asiatica exercise their revitalizing properties. The certified 100% vegan formula is completed by marine algae with their rich store of vitamins and mineral salts and detoxifying effect. The result is healthy, luminous skin.

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that dries and removes skin spots and signs of acne, especially around the cheeks, chin, nose and lips following mask use, boosting the healing process. The therapeutic formulation, easily absorbed by the pores, uses witch hazel and kaolin to eliminate excess skin oil and exfoliate dead cells, for a fresh and healthy complexion.

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The new micellar solution VEGAN PURE SKIN DETOX with activated bamboo charcoal
 is perfect for fighting acne caused by prolonged mask use. The formula combines micelles and activated charcoal for deeply cleaned skin that feels fresh. The liquid texture offers gentle cleansing, removing makeup and impurities, revitalizing and purifying mixed and fatty skin. Easy to use, it is ideal for freshening up the face and removing the excess sebum produced during the night; when used in the evening it eliminates the toxic particles that settle on the skin during the day.

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