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TEK (HALL 21 - BOOTH A/5 - T/1)

Since 1977, Tek makes its products only with natural materials fully respecting the environment.

All TEK’s products are certified FSC®, Forest Stewardship Council, a mark that identifies products which contain wood coming from forests managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. Since March 2017, TEK is also a certified B Corp®– thanks to its highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

TEK (HALL 21 - BOOTH A/5 - T/1)


Releasing revolutionary and research-based made-in-Italy brushes. Something like this has never been seen before in the hairdressing world. The 40-year old Tek ― an Italian-based B Corp company that fully respects the environment ― launches a new brush series to give each hairstylist an extremely performing hairbrush companion, and allowing the hairstylist to give their clients the best of the best.



When we first designed the Salone Oval Brush, we had you in mind, master hairstylist. In particular, we researched and implemented a few new crucial features to help the beauty professionals work at ease, feeling free to express your creativity as artists.



Thanks to our new bristle system working on a pure natural rubber pad (there’s no glue), this brush is high performance, softer, and even more natural than before. Technically, we made up a method to plant each bristle into the little rubber buckets, to embrace and forever stuck them into the pneumatic rubber.



Each pink nylon bristle is forever antibacterial and antistatic. We rounded them with the same technology used for toothbrushes. Why so? As we respect hair so much, our brush doesn’t ruin or scratch the human scalp.



Each bristle is made of a 100% pure refined ‘Calcutta’ boar to perfectly reinforce and polish your hair. This is the best material in the world for hairdressers.



Handmade in Italy inside our Milanese in-house production, this ash wooden handle is 100% Forest Stewardship Council® certified. Since 12 years, we’re very proud to join the international ONG FSC® sustainability standards, protecting the environment where we live. For each tree we use, we commit ourselves to plant a new one.


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