The eighth edition of CosmoFactory presents the full life cycle of a beauty product. Not only does it offer a live look at the production phase, it also recreates the purchasing experience in a futuristic point of sale and puts the product to the test in the hands of top makeup professionals. The three steps of the project create the path "Garden of Diversity".

This year’s featured product will be Six4all: a foundation that can adapt to any skin type. 

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For the 2020 edition, CosmoFactory will create an experimental laboratory. Thanks to a partnership with centdegrés, we will be able to walk through every step in the life cycle of a cosmetic product: from production to sales all the way to the final test on future consumers and users.

The featured product of the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2020 factory will be Six4all, a cream that provides both skincare and color. The project will highlight the event's innovation-driven vision: to anticipate and disseminate the most interesting trends in the market.

Consumers are unique and want tailored solutions that will help them care for and improve upon the appearance of their face and body. Six4all was designed to care for and moisturize the face and users can choose to mix the product with any of 6 shades of foundation – or none – creating unique, highly personalized looks. 

Six4all offers a new beauty ritual that helps bring out your own unique style. 

, an international creative company and a Cosmoprof strategic partner, curated the project and the experiences offered at CosmoFactory in a collaborative effort that involved 5 leaders in the cosmetics industry: Pink Frogs Cosmetics (formula), Marchesini Group (machinery), Scandolara (primary packaging), Gatto Astucci Spa (secondary packaging), Pennellifaro (brush) and For Lab Italia (Delfin - skin diagnostic). Special thanks to Stratasys UniBo (Additive Manufacturing). 

Makeup Artists: Sarah Colognese, Rocco Mundo, Fabienne Rea, Angelo Tabarroni, Monica Zanelli.


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