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A sustainable supply chain for the future of the cosmetic industry

How can we find the perfect balance between business development’s needs and the planet’s safeguard? This question has been at the center of beauty experts’ debate for years: the entire cosmetic supply chain has had to question its production and distribution processes in order to satisfy consumers’ demand for safer product for the skin with low environmental impact. 

This transformation will influence the restart of the entire sector in the next few months: according to the international market-research firm Mintel, the sustainable evolution of the cosmetic industry will be one of the main topics in the future months, which every company will have to face in order to respond to the needs of a market more and more aware of the consequences of consumers’ choices on the society and on the planet. 

The contract-manufacturing compartment will become the keystone of the new approach, as it represents the joining link between the different souls of the supply chain, from the selection of raw materials to the formulation, from machinery to packaging. The Italian company GALA COSMETICI, among the key players on a global level, is one of the most important advocates for green cosmetics. “Since our foundation we have only been producing natural and organic cosmetics, completely vegan and with fair-trade ingredients”, affirms Patrizia Poggiali, co-founder and technical manager of Gala.

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At the center of the development strategy of the group, sustainability is not only a claim, but also a tangible commitment, the result of researches and innovations, in order to offer effective solutions in line with market’s trends to finished product brands. “A natural and sustainable product has to be performing and pleasant like any other product”, - continues Poggiali. – In 2015 thanks to BBGreen, an organic-certified cosmetic product, we won the Cosmopack award. We believe in complete transparency towards the consumer, and for this reason, we value the approval and certification of our accessibility from a third party. The work with accredited certification bodies has always been a relationship based on collaboration and mutual growth, because for us, sustainability is not limited to production activities, but has to become a shared vision among all people involved in the industry of wellbeing. From our suppliers, to logistics, to final consumers: it is important for everyone to be aware of the importance of their role.”

GALA COSMETICI dedicates constant attention to reducing the environmental footprint of its production processes, both in the management of energy and water sources, and in waste reduction. “In the last year we have chosen to implement our energetic impact by purchasing gas and electricity from sustainable sources – highlights Patrizia Poggiali. – We have activated policies to reduce water consumption, packaging usage and to substitute plastic wrapping with eco-friendly materials. The next challenges that our industry is called to face are the elimination of plastic and unnecessary packaging, the removal of water from the finished product and the reduction of volumes, with the consequent decrease of the environmental impact of transportation. 

In occasion of OnBeauty by Cosmoprof, the first in-person event of the Cosmoprof network after the breakout of the pandemic, held in Bologna last September, GALA COSMETICI presented a range of solutions linked to the reduction of environmental impact. “We have developed a cosmetic proposition which is solid, water and plastic-free, specific for face, body, hair and oral care, cleansing and hygiene”, explains Poggiali. “It was a great bet, which involved important research and innovation work on behalf of our laboratories, but it generated visitors’ interest throughout the exhibition. Moreover, one of our most innovative products of this array, the powder toothpaste from our Bio Happy brand, has won the Bio&Consumi Award in the Oral Care category.”


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