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Don't stop beauty: update your business model thanks to the right training

Beauty does not stop. We've been saying it for a while now, and we continue to collect stories from businesses in the sector that are working hard to help their communities and their customers.

Production lines have been rapidly converted to increase the availability of gel hand sanitizers, creative fundraising campaigns have been developed and various activities are underway to provide support for those working on the front lines in hospitals and other facilities.

At a time when the main directive is to stay home and when keeping a safe distance is imperative, professionals in the beauty sector are facing a completely new paradigm. There's now a gap between them and the customers they've always cared for with their own hands. We know, of course, that a haircut, a massage or a manicure extend beyond the practical service: a relationship is established, there's dialogue and customers often leave the beauty parlor energized. 
This is no the time to sit around and wait for things to change. We need to make the most of this phase to strengthen our relationship with the customer and keep as up to date as possible. Companies know this and have inaugurated a series of digital initiatives to help professionals connect with their customers and make the most of the present.
Beauty does not stop!
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Evita Milano

Evita Milano has created a Facebook group to help operators in the beauty sector make the most of their time by watching lessons from marketing and communications experts. Key topics: long-distance relationships with customers and managing social networks. The brand has also activated a full-fledged co-working project to help its customers with their own business activities. Operators can post personal care tutorials specifically meant for their customers through their own social media channels, and customers can purchase the relevant products through the Evita website, providing the name of the given operator. Shipping and handling costs are covered by Evita and operators can maintain a direct sales relationship with their customers!


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Baldan Group

Presenting the BG Master Academy: a series of free video lessons through which the Baldan Group makes its team of experts available to all operators. President Antonio Baldan, Mr. A. Simone, Mr. Marchesi, Art Director Pablo and several other experts, will create in-depth videos covering topics from their personal areas of expertise. To follow the lessons provided by the BG Master Academy fill in the form provided here.



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Beautech has set up two projects to respond to the needs of operators in the sector. The first is a training project with two live sessions per day. Lessons are provided through the official social media channels of the brand and cover important topics with colleagues, entrepreneurs and top experts. The second project is BEAUTECH PRIME a free-of-charge e-commerce platform made available to Beautech customers. The project aims to support beauty professionals, helping them continue to act as consultants for the beauty and wellbeing of their customers and nurture relationships even at a distance.

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