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let's celebrate the chinese new year with some beauty news

On February 1, 2022, the Chinese New Year was celebrated with the joyful anticipation and well-wishes of hundreds of millions of people throughout China and around the globe, warmly ushering in the Year of the Tiger. According to traditional Chinese zodiac mythology, the Tiger is the king of the beasts, a symbol of majesty and power, and endowed with the characteristics of bravery and optimism. Entering the Year of the Tiger, people are emboldened by adding some of the spirit of the tiger's roar to their lives and gain the courage to "take the bull by the horns" towards their challenges, reinvigorating the world anew with energy.

Similarly, following another year of continued challenges brought on by the pandemic, the beauty industry is appearing to gradually rebound as consumers increasingly unleash their pent-up demand and purchasing power. According to Jonathan Siboni, founder of Luxurynsight, a big data-driven business intelligence firm for luxury products, the size of the global beauty market (cosmetics and skincare) reached 175.8 billion euros last year, of which China accounted for 23%, and the Chinese market is recovering much faster than the rest of the world. Data from iiMedia Research also shows that the Chinese market is expected to reach an average annual growth rate of 14.3% between now and 2025, with its market share rising to 31% of the global market within the same period.

Under the influence of 2-years of challenges, China's manufacturers are meeting consumers’ expectations and needs by focusing more of their research and investment on products that are safe for the skin and have a high level of performance. Functional ingredients are matching more and more with the most innovative technologies and cutting-edge equipment.

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Small category, big vision. HOLLYREN, focusing on eyelashes' manufacturing and development for more than 10 years. Following the beauty-at-home trend with sophisticated design and functionality, Hollyren launched a series of products, DIY LASHES COLLECTION, which can help consumers do "self-extensions" at home. Superfine band cluster lashes has extremely thin band, can bring lightweight and super comfortable wearing experience to consumers. Bandless cluster lashes uses special handicraft, makes the lashes seemed no band at all!

With sticky eyeliner and DIY lashes collection, wearing eyelashes has never been easier!

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NICEMAY, focusing on the design, development and manufacturing of personal care and beauty equipment, is continuously exploring new technological solutions, meeting the needs of highly digitalized consumers. The brand has recently launched MR.2010 - a new radio-frequency beauty device, combining the function of LED, RF and EMS, mainly for skin rejuvenation, lifting and tightening. And MR.2030 - a brand-new design pocket mirror.

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TYMO goes beyond simple brushing. The RING COLLECTION HAIR STRAIGHTENER combines top performances with appealing design.

Thanks to its avant-garde technologies, it requires half the styling time for healthier, silkier, shining and glamorous results.

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