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Nature holds the secret to healthy hair

Our hair is an integral part of our personality, the foundation for the physical and psychological well-being of each individual. Caring for our hair is an ever-growing trend, and although visits to hair salons have dropped significantly due to the pandemic, with restrictions still in place in many countries, scalp treatments remain an essential part of our daily beauty routine. Even FORBES considers concern for healthy hair one of the most interesting trends for 2021.

The market is especially rewarding for lines that offer natural formulations. Not only do they cause fewer allergies and cases of skin hypersensitivity, thanks to the removal of chemical irritants, but they are also more sustainable. A study by published last August showed that the natural hair care market reached 8.74 billion dollars globally in 2019, with annual growth estimated at 4.7% from 2020 to 2027. The push for a green conversion by the hair industry is mainly driven by millennials, the ultimate informed consumers. (Read also Millennials: instructions for use, click here>)

It is up to brands to step up their efforts and safeguard the planet. Generic claims that a product uses natural ingredients, without providing any details, are insufficient. Consumers want to know what raw materials are used in the formulation, how they are collected and processed, what the byproducts of manufacturing are, and what impact the manufacturing process has on the community and the environment.

This new approach is backed by a growing number of Cosmoprof exhibitors, as for example:

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In keeping with the changes and with new consumer habits, H.S.A. offers SANI HONEY, a complete line for moisturizing, cleaning and balancing hair, scalp and the skin of the face and body, with natural active ingredients including locally sourced chestnut honey and eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils, known for their antibacterial properties. Products are free from SLS/SLES, parabens or silicones; they are not scented but have a pleasant cinnamon and honey fragrance. The line is manufactured at the plant in Bisuschio (VA), which uses 50% renewable energy. In addition, H.S.A. has recently launched a project for the reforestation of the local woods, which have been greatly stressed by weather and by recent fires.

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Lakmé, a company based in Barcelona, has always worked for a sustainable and responsible world, and now offers a new way to think of natural hair care thanks to a vegan line developed with TEKNIA that is free from ingredients of animal origin. Raw materials are selected based on the method of extraction, keeping environmental impact at a minimum. Lakmé has also changed its packaging: TEKNIA bottles are environmentally friendly and made from recycled or sustainable materials, such as PE, which is obtained by processing sugar cane. With this solution the company managed to reduce CO2 emissions by 42 metric tons: a new way to be a voice for “conscious beauty”.

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O’right has introduced over 40 countries to its green philosophy and presented its first shampoo with zero carbon emissions as early as 2011, and recently announced its latest landmark in sustainability: achieving organizational carbon neutrality and carbon neutrality for 77 products as verified by SGS. This is the first in the beauty industry and certainly not the last milestone O’right will reach. The company's objective is to reduce waste and make good use of the earth's resources, a strategy that has earned it the Cradle to Cradle certification. O’right has patented a formula with oils extracted from spent coffee grounds and a biodegradable container made from environmentally friendly materials that are the byproducts of fruit and vegetable processing. The biodegradable bottle can disintegrate into the soil becoming compost, CO2, and water. The Recoffee Tree in the Bottle shampoo, distributed in an O’right bottle, earned a gold medal and the special award at INPEX and at the Red Dot Awards for packaging and social responsibility.

Keep following us for more information about the green approach in the world of hair care!

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