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The art of the massage: body treatment as an emotional experience

As customers seek out treatments that aide both their physical and emotional well-being, massages have become among the most sought out treatments in beauty centers and spas. At Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, top international masseurs and key representatives of the Beauty & Spa industry discussed making the most of the professionalism offered by holistic practitioners and the role of massage treatments as part of the business managed by spas and beauty centers.

The initiative, which was organized in collaboration with EMA (European Massage Association) and CIDESCO International, was curated by EMA president Ivan Conversano.

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Ivan, what vibe did you feel at Cosmoprof?

There was an exciting atmosphere at Cosmoprof, different even from the previous years. You could sense an incredible energy among the visitors, exhibitors, and organizers. If I had to describe it in one word, the most appropriate would be “joy”. The joy of being present and active once again, of creating opportunities for the future.

How did this first edition of World Massage Meeting go? What feedback did you receive from the masseurs who participated? Did you receive any feedback from the operators who watched the sessions?

The first edition of the World Massage Meeting was a real success, and we received positive feedback from lots of operators and visitors. My biggest takeaway from the event was certainly seeing the audience yearn for participation. Some of the visitors filled our guests with questions others cried and were visibly emotional during the massage demonstrations, which were among the most engaging demos in Europe.

Based on what you saw on the stage of the World Massage Meeting, what new massage trends will impact the sector over the coming months?

I wouldn't focus so much on trends and preset styles as on approaches. The market is no longer swayed by this or that method, the real difference is provided by professionals who are intentional about offering increasingly high-level techniques: putting the focus back on a holistic view of the individual, caring for customers on the emotional level and pampering them with an incredibly experiential approach.

 Haven't attended the massage demonstrations or want to relive World Massage Meeting? Watch the on-demand videos!


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