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The beauty of white hair

Salma Hayek, Caroline of Monaco, Helen Mirren, Emma Thompson: these are only a few of the celebrities that in the recent months, with the lockdown and the closure of hair salons as contributing factors, have shown off their white hair. An unquestionably trendy attitude, celebrated on social media with more and more women over 50 and 60 proud to reveal their most natural look.

Instead of saying that beauty has no age, today we can affirm that each age is beautiful in their own way, and we can always feel proud of our look. An awareness that is a consequence of the increasing number of inclusivity and self-acceptance trends: the mature woman does not try to resemble the stereotyped beauty standards anymore, but shows herself as she is. She no more needs to cover up the signs of time to be accepted, but she proudly displays the course of nature on her body. Why spend time trying to hide white hair and wrinkles when life could still offer you thousands of opportunities and emotions?

Today, the number of people over 65 is increasing: from a United Nations report emerges that in 2019 there were 700 million elderly around the world, and the better living conditions, the increasing economic possibilities and the attention to a healthy lifestyle will lead to a doubling of the number of over-65s by 2050. Only in Italy, the oldest country in Europe, the percentage of people over 65 is of 22.8% (Eurostat data from 2019). This is a growing population segment also in terms of consumptions and purchasing power; a crowd that is leading one of the most revolutionary transformation of the beauty universe: from war to the passing of time, to healthy ageing to anti-ageing to authentic ageing.

Among the compartments more involved in this evolution, there is the hair segment: from a coloring, that favors cold tones and ice shading to highlight the brightest nuances of white and grey, to products for the health of the scalp.

Many are the examples among the companies of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna.

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BIACRĒ combines natural ingredients in an innovative way. Among the collections presented by the brand, the NO YELLOW products prove to be particularly effective on grey and white hair. NO YELLOW SHAMPOO contains a special purple pigment that neutralizes the undesired yellow/orange highlights. It is recommended for blonde and grey hair, de-colored hair and hair with highlights. Thanks to the bio extracts of aloe barbadensis and red vine, with a hydrating and antioxidant action, it leaves the hair soft and shiny. The use is recommended in combination with NO YELLOW CONDITIONER, enriched with vegetable proteins, aloe barbadensis and certified organic extracts, that reinforce and hydrate, enhancing glossiness and silkiness. 

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EDELSTEIN promotes products and collections for beautiful and healthy hair at every age. The SILVER ANTI-YELLOW SHAMPOO is a specific detergent for white and silver hair. The purple micro pigments neutralize the unaesthetic yellow highlights and give brightness and vitality to dull and faded hair. Moreover, the brand has recently launched the KERATIN REGENERATION THERAPY line: a cocktail 5-in-1 of high-performance active ingredients. The regenerating ritual for all types of hair contains keratin and hyaluronic acid for a lifting effect and maximum protection; the regenine phytocomplex makes the hair bright and has anti-frizz properties, while aloe ensures hydration, elasticity and softness.  

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AMETHYSTE PROFESSIONAL is the new line by FARMAVITA: an exclusive sensorial experience to enhance the natural beauty of the hair. AMETHYSTE offers specific professional solutions for the most common health problems of the hair and scalp. In particular, the Shampoo and the SILVER Mask are perfect for neutralizing the undesired yellow tones and for highlighting the numerous silver nuances on white and grey hair. The line has pleasant floral perfuming, pure, distinctive and sensual, that recall the first spring blossoming, with notes of spring water, iris, rose, nocturnal tuberose, green tangerine, jasmine, green tea, pistachio, white wood and moss. 

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