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The hand care market: solutions for healthy and sanitized hands

Our hands have received unprecedented media coverage in recent months, being considered both the primary vehicle of infection and the first line of defense in the pandemic. The appeal to use disinfectants and wash hands frequently, launched by the World Health Organization, has modified the habits of billions of people around the world, giving an unexpected boost to the sale of products for hand and body hygiene. The use of alcohol-based sanitizers, however, has significant effects on hand health: for some time now, the main international dermatological associations have been highlighting the fact that increased exposure of our hands to water, soap and sanitizing gels has a negative impact on the equilibrium of our skin cells. These effects may at times be of medical concern, even including severe forms of dermatitis.

To safeguard our hands, the market has responded with new products designed to protect our skin, pairing antibacterial action with active ingredients that defend natural skin moisture. Alongside alcohol-based products, companies in the sector are offering emollient and soothing creams, gels that eliminate germs while also preserving skin moisture, and masks and specific treatments to care for our hands and nails and keep them healthy. Thanks to this wide range of solutions, the hand care sector is expected to keep growing over the coming years. According to a recent study published by Million Insights, by 2025 the sector will be worth $16.9 billion (over €14 billion) globally. More specifically, predicts that the hand cream sector will be worth $665 million in 2027 (in 2019 the sector was worth $336.2 million), with an estimated annual growth of 6.2% over the 2021-2027 period.

The attention to hand care products, therefore, is not a passing trend. The health emergency of these months has highlighted the importance of everyday hygiene, and we will continue to see our hands as a line of defense against future health risks. As an added benefit, thanks to research and innovation in the cosmetics industry, our hands won't just be clean and sanitized. They will be ready to be held, to explore the world and feel the warmth of freshly baked bread and the dew that covers the grass in the morning, to offer a gentle caress or a tender embrace.

Here are some of the new hand and nail care products presented by Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna exhibitors:

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The company offers the next generation of hidroalcoholic gels and sprays that protect the hands while also caring for every type of skin. Eight products for daily care and protection, with active ingredients, textures, and systems for application on the go that facilitate the use of these products as part of a daily routine. The formula contains 70% alcohol and natural ingredients: aloe and jojoba, hyaluronic acid and minerals, cotton, Rosa mosqueta and vanilla. The result of this combination is a range of light, easy to use hidroalcoholic products that absorb rapidly, featuring powerful active ingredients and pleasant scents in comfortable formats and packages. Babaria is launching another innovative line in a mini format, with five references for daily care and protection with active ingredients, textures and on-the-go application modes. 

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Thanks to its thirty years of experience with cosmetic and dermatological products, SIFARMA has launched a line of sanitizing gels and sprays for hands and small surfaces. Everyday products to be used in every situation to protect us from the virus. The SANITIZING HAND GEL guarantees accurate cleaning of the hands with a balanced and effective formula. It eliminates germs and bacteria without drying the skin and does not require rinsing. ALL OVER SANITIZING DETERGENT SPRAY is a sanitizing detergent spray for the hands and body. The spray feature is perfect for rapid use when water isn't readily available. Both products contain 70% alcohol, in line with the indications provided by the WHO.

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Viorica Cosmetic

A Moldovan company that bases its formulations on medicinal plants. Their hero sanitizing product is the HYGIENIC HAND BALM. It features a unique balmy texture and acts as both a sanitizer and a cream, thanks to a perfectly balanced formula that adapts to even the most sensitive skin: 72% (v/v) ethyl alcohol and 5 natural ingredients with powerful moisturizing, emollient, and regenerative effects. Recently the company launched SANWISE, a new brand of professional disinfectants with 80% ethyl alcohol and natural ingredients: Aloe vera, glycerin and cucumber extract to moisturize and prevent dry skin; calendula extract and D-Panthenol to repair chapped, irritated skin.

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