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The makeup sector: new challenges, new opportunities

Times of great difficulty produce new ideas and innovative solutions. For the makeup sector, from the supply chain to brands selling finished products, this is the time to innovate, develop new technology, study new formulas and active ingredients, and invest in quality and efficacy.

Despite being hit hard by the pandemic, over the coming months the sector will begin growing once again, adapting to new consumer habits. According to Imarc Group, the global value of facial makeup production touched 42.7 billion dollars in 2020, and the expected annual growth rate is about 4% for the next five-year period (2021-2026). Special attention will go to natural products with moisturizing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory effects. Europe will continue to play a key role in the development and sale of new solutions, but important growth rates will also be seen in North America, Latin America, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, and Africa. The forecast is also excellent for the eye makeup sector, which was worth 15.5 billion dollars in 2020: a study from last April by estimates annual growth at 5.4% from 2018 to 2023. Eye makeup was the sector least affected by the widespread use of protective equipment and has also benefitted from the increased consumption of makeup by men and younger age groups, especially due to the influence of social media. The lip and color makeup sectors will also see a rebound: with the weather improving an increased emphasis on super colorful makeup has already been noted. This is especially true of younger generations, who will rediscover makeup as they leave these months of fear behind and begin to experiment with glitter, powders, and multicolored eyeliners.

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Gotha Cosmetics

The makeup revolution is largely digitally driven: sales and communication strategies focus on e-commerce, and social media and video chats are the main social events used to show off new looks. As a result, various new multi-tasking collections have been created to combine makeup with skincare and active ingredients that aim for results that are perfect for the webcam. GOTHA COSMETICS, an Italian leader in the manufacture of private labels, has launched an “anti-blue light” line that features protection from the blue rays of light produced by electronic devices. The Blurring Milky Cloud serum, with probiotics to restore the skin’s microbiome, works in unison with Blue Protector Primer, an innovative colored primer on a blue base with SPF, with a complex that illuminates and fights pollution, suitable for men and women.

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Special Cosmetics

The continued use of masks will also have a significant effect on consumer habits. The array of transfer-proof products is growing with products like Make-up Studio Amsterdam No Transfer Fluid Foundation by Dutch company SPECIAL COSMETICS: a transfer-proof foundation that can be used even when wearing a mask, for a natural, long-lasting effect. The formula is extremely modular: once the foundation adheres to the skin the “no transfer” kicks in, no powder necessary. Available in 39 shades, it is suitable for every skin type: dry, normal, mixed, or oily.

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Australian Gold

When wearing a mask, our gaze becomes the main vehicle for communicating our personality: AUSTRALIAN GOLD, a brand distributed by Italian company EURACOM, presents RAYsistant®, a product line with “water resistant” eye products that are ideal both at the sea and in the city. For a magnetic gaze during Skype and Zoom meetings, Deviously Eyebrow features an exclusive shark-point brush that guarantees extremely natural and uniform results; to be combined with GUILTY Eyepencil, whose ultra-intense color lasts up to 12 hours. 

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Perfect Corp.

Sales strategies have moved into the digital realm as well: the growth of e-commerce and the stricter safety and hygiene regulations for the retail channel are fertile soil for the birth of new technology. From Taiwan, PERFECT CORP. presents YouCam Makeup for Shopify, the digital-first e-commerce solution to encourage the sale of makeup products online. The application offers a chance to try out makeup digitally with hyper-realistic results, the colors and textures are extremely precise, for an engaging and personalized shopping experience. The solution can be easily integrated with finished product brands, and the dashboard offers analytics reports on consumer habits and preferences to help brands recognize emerging trends and new market opportunities.

Never have so many opportunities been available for businesses and operators in the makeup sector: research, innovation, creativity, and attention to quality are the secrets to a new beginning and to start building a new future today.

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