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The new challenge for the cosmetics industry: young adults

Much ink has been spilled on millennials, who have been labelled all sorts of ways in recent years. Still, their generation is the key to rebuild our society; young adults from 25 to 40 years of age will be responsible for creating the new future.

The world of millennials is as vast and varied as ever. In China, for example, they are driving the economic development of the country, thanks in part to disposing of more wealth than previous generations. Meanwhile, in more established markets where the population tends to be older (such as Europe), millennials have a lower impact on the course of the nation. This imbalance puts a damper on technological innovation and limits the flexibility of more static economies.

Faced with a second global crisis, after the first one at the start of the millennium, young adults all over the world are forced to re-examine their core values: health, safety, and stability are replacing adolescent dreams. Millennials demand the same essential and pragmatic approach from their brands. Even the daily beauty routine has become a necessary moment, a response to the demands of everyday life. There are, of course, differences to the approaches and the tools preferred by people under 30, as opposed to those over 35, but they all share the desire for authentic experiences, parking empty advertising jingles in the attic. They follow brands that become part of their everyday life and are eager to share challenges and find essential solutions in both personal care and well-being, in the search for balance and harmony with others. 

Here are some of the solutions proposed by companies in the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna network:

The new challenge for the cosmetics industry: young adults image 1
The new challenge for the cosmetics industry: young adults image 2
The new challenge for the cosmetics industry: young adults image 2

AGF88 HOLDING presents Urban Proof Anti-digital pollution

Millennials spend an estimated 12 hours per day in front of three different devices. For this reason, the professional haircare brand Alter Ego Italy created a specific line capable of preventing and fighting digital pollutionUrban Proof Anti-digital pollution – dedicated to millennials. The blue light emitted by our devices has been shown to weaken hair fibers and cause hair to age, but now support is available with Scalp&Skin Concentrate and Hair Nectar, to be applied before styling.

DAKOTA BIOTECH presents Live Probiotic Skincare

High performance skincare at an accessible price is the reason for Dakota Biotech to create Live Probiotic Skincare. Thanks to technology patented by the company, the power of live probiotics which does not require refrigeration is combined with the benefits of natural ingredients for a healthy glow. The product was developed by studying the needs of the younger generation as part of the search for effective skincare with a price to quality ratio that makes it accessible for consumers under 30. 

BEAUTECH presents SWEETY-the sugar paste

Italian company and leading provider of cosmetic products and technology for beauty centers, recently launched SWEETY-the sugar paste, a sweet epilating treatment that offers several advantages. It is edible, hurts less on removal, reduces ingrown hairs, significantly reduces regrowth, and is incredibly hygienic. Quick and effective, it is the perfect product for a young generation experiencing hair removal for the first time.


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