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Valentine's Day 2021: trust in love

Valentine's Day, the lovers' holiday, hearkens back to the Bishop of Terni, whose martyrdom dates to February 14, 273 and likely started as an attempt to “normalize” pagan rituals that were out of line with Christian teaching. Some hold that St. Valentine acted on behalf of a young Christian woman and a pagan legionnaire who wished to marry; others claim that he intervened to calm a couple during a fight. Whatever the case, it was the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer who shaped our view of St. Valentine by featuring him in legendary tales of love in his 14th century work “The Parliament of Fowls”, which celebrated the engagement of Richard II with Anne of Bohemia.

Since then, the date has earned a permanent place in cultures the world round. In English-speaking countries February 14 was traditionally marked by trading valentines, love letters shaped like hearts or decorated with floral patterns that echoed the reawakening of nature. More recently the custom came to include trading gifts, mostly but not exclusively between partners. In Japan, for example, it is customary for girls to give presents to their boyfriends, as well as their friends and colleagues. Love, after all, is not restricted to couples; it is for all the people in our lives, including ourselves.

Over the years, Valentine's Day has become a great time for business. Cosmetics are among the most popular gift items. With business still slow this year due to social distancing, the holiday can provide some relief to businesses and retailers, as many experts believe that the desire to spend time with loved ones and show our affection will help drive sales. And there is no shortage of offers with a large number of new collections – including new launches by Cosmoprof exhibitors – dedicated to all who are in love with love. 

So, let's let our hearts fly: it's Valentine's Day!

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Mesauda Cosmetics presents Red Valentine

Sweet, sensual in Lolita-style, Red Valentine is the new capsule collection by Mesauda, which makes you blush, fall in love and kiss. A nine eyeshadows palette, two nuances of blushes with a creamy texture, a volumizing mascara, and matt and long-lasting lipsticks available in three different colors for super soft lips. Seven products create a romantic and sensual total look, perfect for the lovers’ day: your sweetheart is now called Red Valentine. 

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Institut Karité Paris presents Premier Amour

Institut Karité Paris offers you a soft and sensual moment with the pouch “Premier Amour. Whether you are enjoying this day with your significant other or celebrating the importance of self-love, this pouch will bring a little love in your daily routine, thanks to the products perfumed with Rose, queen of the flowers, eternal symbol of beauty and romance. 


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Longlife - Saboaria Artesanal Portuguesa presents Love Soap

The Love Soap was inspired by the universal love that unites humanity. A love without color, race, culture, religion... simply love. It is a 100% vegetable soap enriched with glycerin and lotus flower aroma, a hypoallergenic perfume with floral and fruity notes that transport you to a refined and glamorous environment.

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