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What are the strengths of the Cosmoprof Awards winners?


What are the winning features of a cosmetic product? We can have some indication from the winners of the Cosmoprof Awards 2022.
The initiative, curated exclusively by the international agency BEAUTYSTREAMS, selected the most appealing proposals capable of influencing consumption habits in the coming months. Judging the collections and products launched by exhibitors at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna was a panel of trend experts, managers and buyers from multinationals, retailers and the trade press. What are the must-haves for a successful product today? Ease and immediacy of use and application, reduced and reusable packaging, the guarantee of quality performance, and the ability to adapt to the needs of the individual consumer to provide an exclusive and soothing experience.

Let's find out what's behind the success of the five winners of the Cosmoprof Awards 2022.

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For the category MAKE-UP & NAILS the winner is Prinker Korea Inc. (South Korea)

Make-up artists among the jury were enchanted to discover that Prinker M by Prinker Korea creates precise - yet ephemeral – tattoos and body-prints. Perfect for a photoshoot or a fun night out! In fact, the device transforms the phenomenon of temporary tattoos into a beauty lifestyle phenomenon, resonating especially with Gen Zers for whom individuality and novelty is paramount. With Prinker M, the skin becomes a canvas for self-expression. The device can print any designs on the skin. The designs are created or selected on the Prinker app, which sends them to Prinker M via Bluetooth. When ready, simply glide Prinker M anywhere on the skin. The inks, which are fully compliant with FDA VCRP and EU CPNP, can be removed with soap. Prinker M is also compact and light, so it can be thrown into a bag and used on-the-go.

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For the category SPA & SALON the winner is Glamlac LLC (Estonia) 

Members of the jury raved about the easy-to-handle application method of Lumisenses LED Eyelash Extension System by Glamlac. With eyelash extensions becoming a mainstay in beauty routines, Glamlac’s innovation in adhesion, developed by scientists and engineers, enables long-wear even for sensitive eyes. Lumisenses LED Eyelash Extension System features LED visible light that cures glue in five seconds thanks to the Lumisenses Pro Device. As a result, glue vapors are no longer of the same intensity as quick-drying glue. A thin layer of glue is all that is needed to ensure fast and maximum adhesion and a non-sticky result. Eyelashes never stick together.

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For the category SKIN CARE the winner is Wellfully SA (Switzerland) 

Members of the jury were seduced by the Réduit Boost winning concept of one device amplifying the effects of any skincare regime, especially as this aligns with consumer demand for hyper-customization.
As skin care devices get ever smarter, offering more personalized routines and services in the comfort of one’s home, Réduit Boost by Wellfully stands out from the crowd by amplifying the effect of active ingredients in favorite skin care products while also being tailored to skin’s individual needs. The device uses diamagnetics to provide enhanced absorption and deeper penetration of active ingredients, thereby ensuring better skin care results. It also features LED light therapy, matching each light color with favorite skin care products. Réduit Boost is fashioned from medical-grade silicone and stainless steel.

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For the category NATURAL & ORGANIC the winner is Beesline (Lebanon)

Deodorizing Roll-on Coconut WoW Tablet Forever by Beesline raises the eco-bar by incorporating a host of earth-friendly innovations, and packaged in the form of a compact tablet. Jury members felt that the appealing packaging design and easy-to-use compact tablets were a slam dunk when it comes to satisfying consumer demands in personal care. This water-free roll-on deodorant features magnesium hydroxide, an alternative to aluminum, corn, and antimicrobial ingredients that protects against body odors. It also contains ethically-sourced natural actives. The compact format is stored in refillable, zero-waste packaging. The product has been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

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For the category HAIR the winner is GAMA SRL (Italy)

“Wow, so much strength in such a small device!” was the immediate reaction by several jury members when trying out iQ 2 by Gama. As the next-generation evolution of iQ Perfetto, the intelligent brushless motor and Venturi Effect of iQ 2 reduces drying time without using extra power, and ushers in the new era of speed and ease in hair drying. This efficiency is combined with easy-to-remove, washable micro-perforated Antibacterial OxyActive Tech filters that ensure and hair health. iQ 2 features “Standby Technology” that automatically deactivates the dryer when placed on the Smart Pad.

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